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DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS SCOTLAND 27 th August 2008 Launch of Peak Performance: Gay People and Productivity and Getting Started: A Route Map for Public Services.

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1 DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS SCOTLAND 27 th August 2008 Launch of Peak Performance: Gay People and Productivity and Getting Started: A Route Map for Public Services in Scotland

2 Schedule 2.00Registration and refreshments 2.30Welcome from Scottish Enterprise 2.35 Welcome from Stonewall Scotland, Calum Irving 2.40Peak Performance: Gay People and Productivity, Ruth Hunt, Stonewall 3.00Getting Started: A Route Map for Public Services, Gillian Miller, Stonewall Scotland 3.15Question time 3.45Networking and refreshments 4.30Close


4 The study What did we do? Interviewed over 100 lesbian, gay and bisexual people both out, and not out about their experiences at work. Participants drawn from 21 public and private sector organisations.

5 What makes a person more productive? Efficiency Confidence Relationships Creativity Motivation Recruitment, retention and career progression

6 Efficiency My productivity would actually decrease when I wasnt out because I wouldnt feel at ease, I wouldnt feel comfortable. I would just feel tense and theres a lot of negative energy that is built up and its not productive. It can be quite draining. Frank, private sector

7 Confidence I find through working for my current employer my confidence has definitely increased since Ive been out and Ive been happier and Ive been able to be honest with those around me. Jackie, public sector

8 Relationships You feel like an outsider, you feel like youre not quite one of the gang. I was not getting as involved and developing relationships as much as I probably would have done. Sally, private sector

9 Creativity Its a depressing thing to do, to have to shield and hide parts of yourself and not be fully who you are at work. I think that kills your creativity. Its just this whole other thing that you have to constantly think about and remember and keep under wraps. Paula, public sector

10 Motivation You feel much more comfortable if people value you, you therefore feel better working, work harder, and are more motivated. And we all spend a lot of time at work, so your days usually quite long, and so actually thats why its very important that they understand the whole of you. Helen, private sector

11 Recruitment, retention, and career development Youd have to pay me a lot more than I get paid here to go somewhere else. I just feel very comfortable here and I feel very accepted. I feel very loyal to the organisation. Bill, private sector

12 No, I am not out at work. A couple of things recently have reminded me why not. Beth, Public Sector Exclusion Discrimination Failure to show commitment Line Managers Clients, suppliers & partner organisations

13 The company looks after me so I look after them. Alison, public sector Inclusive policies and diversity strategies Visible leadership Supportive line management Role models Mentoring Employee network groups Globally mobile employees Straight Allies

14 Even in an organisation that is doing really well there are still pockets of problems. Richard, public sector Understanding the connection Monitoring Recognising contributions Resources Location Including women

15 Our role within our industry as leaders on diversity issues is important. Phoebe, private sector Bullying & Harassment Line Managers Policies Monitoring Employee Network Groups Public Commitment Suppliers, clients and service users Senior Leadership & Role Models Embedding Equality and Diversity

16 The person that I am at work is now me rather than a doctored version of me. If youre not 100% yourself how can you be 100% involved and committed and putting 100% in? Its not like I wasnt working hard before, but theres now detachment or reservation now where there was before. Sally, private sector

17 people perform better when they can be themselves

18 Getting Started Making your services more LGBT inclusive. Gillian Miller

19 What we will look at today What is Getting Started? Productivity What can an organisation do to change? Going forward with Good Practice

20 What is Getting Started Delivered as part of Good Practice project Established good practice Discussions with public services Observations

21 Productivity: how does it fit? Staff and service user experiences are linked Similar outcomes Share learning and experiences Giving practical tips from peers

22 What organisations can do to change Leadership –Senior Give Permission Public commitment Everyones business –Manager Take a stand / Challenge Day to day –Front line Crucial link Lead by example – act as a champion

23 What organisations can do to change Staff training and development –Embedding equality and diversity Dedicated LGBT training Awareness of language Bullying and Harassment Staff at all levels

24 What organisations can do to change Engagement and consultation –Networks Different functions – support or business Lunch bites –Reaching your customers Climate Complaints Feedback –Monitoring climate

25 From here to equality Good practice and DCs working together –Single equality scheme guidance –Research into experiences vs perceptions –Research into Migration and the brain drain –EQIA tool

26 Questions?

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