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Heating of the Atmosphere

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1 Heating of the Atmosphere

2 Radiation Transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves
Earth receives only about two-billionths of sun’s energy Energy is absorbed by surface  heats surface

3 Conduction Transfer of thermal energy from one material to another by direct contact Always moves from warm to cold areas Air is heated by land and ocean surfaces

4 Convection Transfer of thermal energy by the circulation or movement of a liquid or gas Warm air : less dense  rises Cool air : more dense  sinks Cool air forces warm air up  cool air eventually heated by the ground Process known as a convection current

5 GreenHouse Effect Process of gases in the atmosphere trapping thermal energy (Earth’s heating process) Gases, such as CO2 and water vapor prevent heat from escaping to space

6 Global Warming Increase in average global temperatures
Also known as “climate change” Results from increased greenhouse gases in atmosphere Human activity is leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions Burning fossil fuels and deforestation

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