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Registration Panther Roar Important Registration Dates.

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2 Registration Panther Roar Important Registration Dates

3 REGISTRATION PROCESS Review with your Parent Counselors will visit your Middle School Placement of Students is based on: – Grades – Teacher Recommendations – California State Testing (CST)

4 AUGUST ORIENTATION Link Crew ASB Cards Physical Education Clothes Yearbooks Temporary Class Schedule BBQ DON’T MISS OUT!

5 COUNSELOR DUTIES Classroom Presentations Small Group Meetings Individual Meetings Parent Meetings

6 ATHLETICS Requirements 6 th Period Athletics Time Commitment Rewarding!

7 Clubs and Activities Join 1 – 3 Clubs Leadership Positions Cheer Tryouts and Timelines GET INVOLVED!

8 GRADUATION & COLLEGE REQUIREMENTS Semester System 1 st Semester is August though December 2 nd Semester is January through June

9 CREDITS 1 Semester Course = 5 Credits 6 Courses each semester = 30 Credits 1 Year of Coursework = 60 Credits 220 Credits needed to Graduate

10 CREDITS “A,” ”B,” “C,” or “D” Grades earn 5 Credits per Class “F” Grades = “0” Credits Pass your Classes!

11 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 4 Years of Language Arts 2 Years of Mathematics 2 Years of Physical Education (Athletics, NJROTC & Marching Band)

12 GRAD REQUIREMENTS, cont. One year of a Fine Art OR Foreign Language One semester of Health One year of Life Science One year of Physical Science

13 GRAD REQUIREMENTS, cont. 3 years of Social Science including: – 1 year of World History your Sophomore Year – 1 year of US History your Junior Year – 1 semester of Government your Senior Year – 1 semester of Economics your Senior Year

14 ELECTIVE COURSEWORK 220 Credits to Graduate 145 Credits of Required Coursework 75 Elective Credits California High School Exit Exam

15 COLLEGE REQUIREMENTS “a-g” Pattern of Coursework More Coursework Required Grades of “C” or higher are Required Students are scheduled in College Prep Classes Special Education – Individualized Educational Program (IEP) English Language Learners – Language Level Asterisk (*) or Star after Course Name

16 SCHEDULE CHANGING Very Limited! Classes Fill Colleges must be notified if a Senior Student changes a Class! Don’t Change Classes!

17 CHOOSING COURSEWORK Elective Coursework 2.8 GPA for Spanish Coursework Industrial Arts Visual & Performing Arts

18 DIRECTIONS Complete it NOW! Write your Name and Student ID Number Check the box in numbers 1 – 5 Choose an Elective List 2 Alternates

19 HONORS COURSEWORK Teacher Recommendation 3.5 GPA Recommended Language Arts Honors Summer Assignment Parent Signature on the Reverse Side June DEADLINE!

20 COURSE SELECTION SHEET Due Date Counselor will meet with All Students to Review your Course Selection Sheets and make Recommendations Registration Dates on Cover Page

21 THANK YOU! We look forward to meeting with all of you!

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