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Welcome to Tracy High School! Registering for your 9 th grade classes.

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1 Welcome to Tracy High School! Registering for your 9 th grade classes

2 High School Graduation Requirements 220 credits in Required Subjects Students must pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam). Students will take this exam in the Spring of their Sophomore year.

3 Subject Requirements for Graduation English40 credits Social Science*30 credits Mathematics20 credits Science**30 credits Foreign Language/Fine Art10 credits Physical Education20 credits Electives70 credits * 10 World History 10 US History 5 Economics 5 Government ** 10 Biological 10 Physical 10 student’s choice

4 A-G Requirements for College Classes taken to fulfill A-G requirements MUST be passed with grades of “C” or higher A.History and Social Science (2 years) B.English (4 years) C.Mathematics (3 years, 4 recommended) D.Lab Science (2 years, 3 recommended) E.Foreign Language (2 years, 3 recommended) F.Visual and Performing Arts (1 year) G.College Prep Elective (1 year)

5 How are credits earned? Students take 6 classes each school year. Each class can earn 5 credits per semester. There are two semesters in the school year, therefore students can earn 10 credits per class, per year, for a total of 60 credits. First semester ends before Winter Break and includes Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Second semester ends at the end of the school year and includes Quarter 3 and Quarter 4. Credits are earned based on Semester grades. Semester grades are the only grades posted on a student’s transcript.

6 Completing your Course Selection Form Make sure Name, Current School, and Phone number are clearly listed on form. Read all instructions and information on the form carefully. Fill in your course selections. Options for required courses (English, Math, P.E., & Biology) are listed for you on the form. Use your Student Course Catalog and teacher input to determine which class is best suited for you. Be sure that Course # and Course Title are filled out correctly on form and all necessary teacher signatures are included. Use the Hot Pink Sheet to select your two Elective courses. Be sure to review High School Graduation Requirements and A-G Requirements(found on backside of form and also in the Student Course Catalog)! Remember to include THREE alternate Elective selections under “ALTERNATES”. Students may NOT sign up for Ag Science Academy courses on this form. Necessary adjustments will be made if you are accepted into the academy. There is a back side to the form. Please be sure to complete it. Parent signature and your signature are required in TWO places (front and back). Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will need to be returned to the Tracy High Counseling Office once completed. Remember to choose your classes carefully. Changes to course requests will not be made.

7 My Form is All Filled out. Now What? Turn in your completed form on time! Remember that if you do not turn in your completed form on time, we are not able to enter your course selections and your options for courses will be extremely limited. All students will receive their Class Schedule in August, during registration and Freshman Orientation. Relax and get ready for your Freshman Year!

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