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Persuasive Techniques in Political Advertising

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1 Persuasive Techniques in Political Advertising




5 2008 Campaign Stickers


7 Common Persuasive Techniques in Political Advertising

8 Name Calling Using personal attacks on an opponent to distract voters from the real issues. The goal is to inspire doubts about the opponents fitness for office.

9 Transfer Using symbols or images to evoke some emotion or something unrelated, such as a candidate or proposition Lin between Mondale to beloved patriotic symbols such as liberty and the flag

10 Bandwagon Creating the impression that everyone supports the candidate or cause. Plays on the desire that everyone loves a winner people from all walks of life are supporting George McGovern.

11 Plain Folks The use of folksy or everyday images & language to show that the candidate is a regular person who understands the needs & concerns of the common man President Grant appears as a common working person,

12 Card Stacking Presenting facts, stats, & other evidence that support only one side of the story/argument. Example of Mike Dukakis supported a plan that allowed murderers to take weekend leaves from jail. “Dukakis is the killers best friend, and the decent, honest citizen’s worst enemy.

13 Testimonial Having a well-known celebrity endorse a candidate or proposal. The hope is that you will follow the person’s example w/out questioning his qualifications to make such a judgement ad, famous sports figures endorse Al Smith for president.

14 Glittering Generalities
The use of vague, sweeping statements that appeal to voters emotionally, but don’t say much of anything. Candidates or proposals are often described in lofty terms Eisenhower ad.

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