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Propaganda Techniques

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1 Propaganda Techniques

2 Plain Folk Pretend to be one the common people or emphasize characteristics that people can relate to. Log Cabin campaign Humble beginnings “Thank you” etc…

3 Bandwagon Follow the crowd Side with the winners Bow to peer pressure
This strategy is most common in elections where there is an incumbent running.

4 Glittering Generalities
Broad and vague statements such as: “a single nation of justice and opportunity.” These generalities can also be negative…

5 Card Stacking Present only one side of the issue through the distortion and juggling of facts.

6 Transfer Use symbols/people to accomplish purposes for which they were not intended. i.e. bald eagle, American flag, smiling children, etc… This is meant to evoke an image of the candidate.

7 Testimonial Endorsement by a celebrity, group, or individuals.
These testimonials can be negative or positive. i.e. Oprah endorsing Obama, Swift Boat Vets against Kerry

8 Name Calling Do not discuss the facts, just give the opposition a bad name. “Tax and spend liberal” or “flat-earthers”

9 Scare Tactics Using words or pictures to persuade people to vote for someone out of fear.

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