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Commas: Greetings and Closings

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1 Commas: Greetings and Closings
Kindness Lesson 2

2 Greetings Letters begin with a greeting.
The greeting is usually, “Dear” The comma goes after the name or last word in a greeting. Example: Dear John,

3 Closing Letters end with a closing.
The closing comes before the signature. The comma goes after the last word in a closing. Example: Your friend, Sam

4 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 32

5 Try It! Read the letter and put a comma where needed
, Dear Rapunzel I have heard that you have the longest hair in the kingdom. Why is the prince climbing up your hair? Isn’t it time you had the elevator fixed? Your friend Sleeping Beauty ,

6 Practice Write commas in the list of possible greetings and closings for a friendly letter.
, Dear Oscar Respectfully Oliver Best wishes Nolah My dear Nina Dearest Maria Love Mario , , , , ,

7 Proofread Add commas where they are needed.
, Dear Sleeping Beauty The prince only climbed up my hair once. He was in a hurry. It was an emergency. A dragon was chasing him! (We finally got the elevator fixed!) Sincerely Rapunzel ,

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