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Contractions Fossils Lesson 2.

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1 Contractions Fossils Lesson 2

2 Contractions!Adjectives
Contractions are made up of two words that have been put together to make a new word. A contraction takes letters OUT of one of the words when they are combined. An apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters.

3 Words that are shortened:
not – drop the “o” n’t is – drop the “i” ‘s am – drop the “a” ‘m are – drop the “a” ‘re will – drop the “wi” ‘ll have – drop the “ha” ‘ve

4 Examples Read both sentences to see how the contraction is formed.
Cleveland is not the capital of Ohio Cleveland isn’t the capital of Ohio. Do not forget to take out the trash. Don’t forget to take out the trash. I am planning to go camping. I’m planning to go camping.

5 Whisper to your partner which contraction the two words can make.
would + not = wouldn’t she + is = she’s are + not = aren’t was + not = wasn’t who + is = who’s

6 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 96

7 Try It! Circle the correct contraction in each sentence below.
Greenland isn’t don’t a continent. There won’t aren’t a lot of people living in Greenland. Hawaii wasn’t weren’t a state until 1959.

8 I’m I’ve I’ll She’s he’s
Practice Write the contraction for the boldfaced words in each sentence below. I’m 4. I am going to Arizona in April. _______ 5. I have never been to the southwest. ______ 6. I will send you a postcard of the desert. _____ 7. She is my best friend. _______ 8. I know he is coming to visit today. _______ I’ve I’ll She’s he’s

9 Proofread Add apostrophes where needed to make contractions
Proofread Add apostrophes where needed to make contractions. Use proofreading marks. I couldnt think of anything to write. Were supposed to write a poem for class. It doesnt have to be a long poem. I cant think tonight! Couldnt I write about my life? I could, if it werent so late.

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