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Reader’s Response Letter

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1 Reader’s Response Letter

2 Use the Friendly Letter Format
Date (capitalize, comma between date and year) Greeting (capitalize and put a comma after greeting) Body (indent each paragraph) Closing (capitalize and comma after closing) Signature (cursive underneath the closing) Don’t forget 3 commas (date, after greeting, and closing) Indent (each paragraph)

3 Date November 20, 2009 Capitalize the month
Use a comma between the date and year

4 Greeting Dear Miss Allen, Capitalize greeting and person’s name
Use a comma after the person’s name

5 First Paragraph Indent first word
Tell the name of the book you are reading, the author and the genre (capitalize and underline the title) Summarize the book or the part of the book that you are writing about (beginning, middle, end, exclude elaborate details)

6 Second Paragraph Indent the first word
Write about a time when you were reading the story and you made a CONNECTION or a PREDICTION Tell about the clues from the story that you used to make that CONNECTION or PREDICTION.

7 Third Paragraph Indent the first word
Tell about a time while you were reading this book and you asked yourself a thick question. What was the question or wondering? What clues made you ask the question? Was the question answered? If so tell about it. If not, what inferences could you make about the answer to your question?

8 Fourth Paragraph Use your hearts at the end of your Reading Response Journal and respond to one of the hearts. Make sure you write more than one sentence and elaborate.

9 Fifth Paragraph What are your final thought about this book?
Tell the person you are writing to if you think they would or would not like the book and why. Tell the recipient something personal about yourself, ask a question, answer previous questions.

10 Closing and Signature Zachary Love,
Closing and Signature are on two separate lines. Try writing your name in cursive

11 Revise Check that you have all of the parts of your Reading Response Letter included. Reread each paragraph and see if you want to add, delete, change, combine your words or sentences. Do you have sentence variety? Did you use some vivid verbs? Did you use some sparkle words?

12 Proofread (check each sentence)
Capitalization (First letter of a sentence, names, greeting, closing, book titles) Usage (Subject/Predicate, Subject/Verb Agreement) Punctuation (.,!?) Spelling

13 Final Copy Neatly write final copy with your revisions and editing changes on a separate piece of paper. Reread it to make sure it makes sense again. Give your letter to your teacher.

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