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Linking and Helping Verb Tenses

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1 Linking and Helping Verb Tenses
Fossils Lesson 3

2 Review 3 types of Verbs There are 3 types of verbs!
You already know about ACTION verbs. A LINKING verb joins, or connects, the subject to the predicate to make a sentence complete. It does not show action. A HELPING verb helps the main verb in a sentence to tell when a verb will happen, is happening, or has happened.

3 Verb Tenses Rule Example
A present tense linking The Nile River is the longest or helping verb tells about river in the world. something that is happening now. A past tense linking or The Nile River was helping verb tells about important to the people in something that happened Egypt. in the past.

4 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 102

5 Try It! Underline the past tense verbs.
Louis Braille was a teacher. He was blinded at the age of three. In school, he could not read or write. Then, he was sent to a school in Paris. __ __ ___ __

6 Practice Write the correct verb in the space in each sentence.
is France ________ a country in Europe. The area _____ ruled by the Romans. We ______ studying French history. Yesterday we _______ singing songs. Today we _________ painting pictures. was are were are

7 Proofread Read the sentences below and find the mistakes
Proofread Read the sentences below and find the mistakes. Cross out the incorrect verb and write the correct one above it. Once I was riding a horse in a desert. My horse am running very fast. We is trying to reach a town. The town are very far away. When the moon have risen in the sky, we saw the friendly town! The people there was very friendly. was were __ __ was __ had __ were __

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