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English Lesson: Verbs.

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1 English Lesson: Verbs

2 What are the 3 types of verbs?
Action Verbs Linking Verbs Helping Verbs

3 What is an Action Verb? They are used to show action.
They are expressing action by an animal, force of nature, person or a thing can do. An action verb indicates something happening in a sentence. Examples: running, singing, dancing. Example sentence: “David reached for his water because he was thirsty.

4 What is a Linking Verb? Linking verbs do not express any action.
Linking verbs are often in the form “to be” . They connect the subject and the verb together. Example: I was cold.

5 What is a Helping Verb? A verb that helps combine with the main verb to help it express tense, mood and voice. Here is the list of helping verbs: Be, have, am, are, is, was, were, has, had, do, shall, will, may, can, ought, and must. Example: Tim should do his homework.

6 Question one: Addition problems are fun to do.
Select the LINKING verb in the above sentence.

7 Answer: Are.

8 Question two: Then he delivers a speech.
Name the ACTION verb in the following sentence.

9 Answer: Delivers.

10 Question three: Matt was helping Michael.
Name the HELPING verb in the following sentence.

11 Answer Was.

12 The End.

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