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Linking and Helping Verbs

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1 Linking and Helping Verbs
Look Again Lesson 2

2 Types of Verbs There are 3 types of verbs!
You already know about ACTION verbs. A LINKING verb joins, or connects, the subject to the predicate to make a sentence complete. It does not show action. A HELPING verb helps the main verb in a sentence to tell when a verb will happen, is happening, or has happened.

3 Examples: I sleep at night. (ACTION) I am tired now. (LINKING)
I was sleeping in the bed. (HELPING)

4 Let’s Practice! Are these linking or helping verbs?
He is walking on the beach. They are so hot in the sun. We are looking for seashells. Dogs were running in the water. She is a tall girl over there. I am so happy to be here! L H H L L

5 Comprehension and Language Arts Book Page 66

6 Try It. Read Each Sentence below
Try It! Read Each Sentence below. Write an L if the underlined verb is a linking verb. Write an H if the verb is a helping verb. I was swimming like a fish today. _______ Fish have been swimming in the oceans for millions of years. _____________ 3. The fish was cold. _________ H H L

7 Practice Read the paragraph below. Underline the linking verbs
Practice Read the paragraph below. Underline the linking verbs. Circle the helping verbs. There are more than 20,000 types of fish. I have eaten swordfish and sardines. Have you ever eaten eel? A shark is a very big fish. Are sea horses fish? The lionfish is orange. ___ __ ___ __

8 Proofread Read the paragraph below
Proofread Read the paragraph below. Write in linking or helping verbs to complete the sentences. There ______ six fish in my aquarium. The blue fish ____ swimming faster than the orange fish. My cat ____ watching them swim. I ______ tried to teach the cat to behave. These fish ________ not for dinner, Miss Kitty! are is is have are

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