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The Basic Nutrient Minerals.

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1 The Basic Nutrient Minerals

2 Minerals are Inorganic elements that come from the soil and water and are absorbed by plants or eaten by animals. Found in nearly every all foods in the pyramid Sometimes needed in large amounts and sometimes needed in tiny amounts Needed to be eaten or ingested in food every day Cannot be produced by our bodies Regulate chemistry and body functions

3 How many? 60 different mineral Makes up 4% of body

4 Macro and Trace Needed and found in large amounts Calcium Phosphorus
Sodium Potassium Found in very small amounts in the body Iron Zinc Fluorine/Fluoride Copper Iodine

5 Calcium Strong Bones and Teeth Blood serum clotting muscles and nerves
Source: Milk dairy products, also dark green vegetables Prevents Osteoporosis

6 Phosphorous Strong bones and teeth Increase energy
Found in avocados, raisins, whole grains meat eggs milk, soy Most diets sufficient Works with calcium Prevents Osteoporosis

7 Sodium Maintains balance of water flow in and out of cells
Found in table salt, cured meats, sausage, bacon Too much contributes to high blood pressure

8 Potassium Regulates heartbeat Regulates Fluids in muscles and nerves
Found in many fruits like oranges, peaches pears, bananas, dates apples, raisins avocados Prevents irregularity of heart action lowers blood pressure

9 Iron Lets blood carry oxygen to cells Produces hemoglobin
Prevents iron deficiency anemia Found in dates, dried fruits, eggs, legumes, whole grains, leafy vegetables, red meats

10 Zinc Part of the enzyme involved in acid-base balance, liver function digestion and bone maintenance. Prevents loss of taste, growth failure, delayed healing of wounds, reproduction problem Found in Avocados raisins dairy, whole grains Too much causes fever and nausea

11 Fluorine Teeth and bones, works with calcium
Produces tooth structure that resists acids and prevents tooth decay From Fluoridated water, fish eggs, milk, some toothpastes, dentist Prevents tooth decay

12 Copper Used in breathing, energy release, production of red blood cells. Found in meat egg yolks, green vegetables grains, shell fish organ meats. Too much can damage liver kidney brain

13 Iodine Important component of thyroid hormones for metabolism
Found in Salt water fish, iodized table salt Prevents Goiter

14 Fiber Roughage Cellulose
Not a Mineral Aids the digestive system Cannot be digested Cellulose in fruits and vegetables. Fiber in whole grains Reduces colon cancer, heart disease

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