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Charles D. Owen High School

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1 Charles D. Owen High School
Welcome Rising Freshmen!

2 Owen High School Registration: What Will We Do Today
What is going to happen at registration? What are HS classes like? What is a credit and why is it important? What do you want to do after high school? What kind of classes can you choose? What do you need to do?

3 Calendar of Events February 19th – 8th Grade Parent Night
February 19-February 26 – Students have chance to go on career cruising and pick out classes and complete assessments February 27-March 1 – 8th Grade Registration

4 After High School Why do you need to start thinking right now about what you will do after HS? Need to choose a Core Concentration Area Do you want to go to a four year college? Do you want to go to a Technical/Vocational college (A-B Tech)? Do you want to start right into a career/job or military right after HS? You need to choose classes that fit with your interests and future plans.

5 High School Classes 4x4 Block schedule
4 NEW classes each semester (1 credit each) Two semesters a year Each class is 90 minutes a day Students take 8 classes a year at OHS There are 3 lunch periods during 3rd period Absentee policy: if you miss more than 5 classes, you will receive an F in the class You need 28 credits to graduate high school

6 Future-Ready Core Graduation Requirements
4 English I, II, III, IV 4 Math Math I, Math II, Math III + 4th math course to be aligned with student’s post-secondary plans 3 Science Earth/Environmental Science Biology A physical science (Chemistry, Physics, or Physical Science) 3 Social Studies World History American History I American History II Civics and Economics Courses that are acceptable by the UNC General Admissions CTE Courses that are acceptable for the 4th math but not UNC Advanced Functions & Modeling Computerized Acct II Discrete Math Drafting II Pre-Calculus Honors AP Computer Science AP Statistics Principles of Technology I AP Calculus

7 Future-Ready Core Graduation Requirements
1 Health & PE 12 Electives (minimum) (6 from the following) 2 Electives from Arts, CTE, or Second Language 4 Course Concentration in one of the following areas: Career Technical Education (Career Clusters) Fine Arts (Chorus, Band, Theatre, Visual Arts) JROTC Other subject areas of concentration (math, science, social studies, English, PE)

8 Choosing classes What do you have to take freshman year? Health and PE
English I (regular or honors) Math Math I OR Math II (regular or honors) Social Studies World History (regular or honors) OR Civics/Economics Honors Science Earth and Environmental Science (regular or Honors)

9 Welcome to Career Cruising

10 Step 1: Click on the Internet Type Address:
Select a School: Charles D. Owen High School


12 Step 2: Start Career Cruising
Under Career Cruising (on the right) Click on the link “Here” Click on the Internet Type http: Click on A. C. Reynolds High School Under Career Cruising (on the right), click on the link “Here”

13 Username: NC-(Student ID) Password: Birthday

14 Step 3: Set up your portfolio
Username NC-lunch number Ex. NC Password Birthday (mmddyyyy) Use 8digits Ex. For February 23, 1994 Use: Click Login NC Username: NC-Lunch No. (ex. NC ) Password: Birth Date (No marks or spaces) (ex )

15 Username: NC-(Student ID) Password: OHS (Student ID) First Initial, Last Name, Last 4 of Lunch Sample

16 Step 4: Change Password for Portfolio
New Password for Portfolio Only OHS and lunch number Ex. OHS000001 Click box to accept agreement Click Submit OHS000001 This program now requires you to change your password for your portfolio only. Your username & password to get into Career Cruising will never change. To make it easy for everyone to remember your Portfolio password, we ask that you use the following format: ACR and your lunch no.

17 Click on “Main” Tab —optional—may simply close the box


19 Assessments

20 Assessments

21 Course Planner

22 Course Planner

23 Student Course Guide

24 Student Course Guide

25 Student Course Guide

26 Adding a Course

27 Diploma

28 Clusters

29 View By Department

30 View By Cluster

31 Cluster Tracking

32 Cluster Tracking

33 More Cluster Information

34 Graduation Status

35 Deleting A Course

36 Blue Dots


38 Career Cruising Go to your Career Cruising Account Weekly.
Be sure to do all the assessments. Look for Careers, Colleges, how to write a resume and job interview skills. There are many activities and guides to help you plan your future.

39 Smooth Sailing!

40 Reminders… February Career Cruising and deciding on courses for February 27-March 1 – 8th Grade Registration at the Middle School

41 Questions? Go Cruising!

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