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The Friendly Letter Song

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0 Five Parts of a Friendly Letter with Froggy

1 The Friendly Letter Song

2 Heading Example: 123 Frog Way Gulfport, MS 39503 January 1, 2014
Hints: This goes in the RIGHT corner at the top.

3 Greeting with a comma: Example: Dear Froggy,
Hints: This is always started with a “dear” then a name and ends with a comma

4 Body: The body is the message to your friend. What would you like to say?

5 Closing with a Comma Example: Your Friend, With Love, Sincerely,
Hint: Don’t forget your comma! You are basically saying goodbye.

6 Signature: Froggy Cassie Grant Mom
Hint: This is just your name! Who is writing this letter?

7 Froggy says. . . Review time!!! Click here for review.

8 Five Parts of a Need review? Friendly Letter Body Greeting Heading
Signature Closing

9 Now Go Write Your Own Friendly Letter!!!!

10 Credits: Cassandra Grant Delores Goudy

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