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Ms. Lacabe's 2nd Grade Class

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1 Ms. Lacabe's 2nd Grade Class
Friendly Letters Ms. Lacabe's 2nd Grade Class

2 5 Parts To A Letter The Heading The Salutation or Greeting The Body
The Closing The Signature Skip To The End

3 Heading In the heading you will include the date.
It must be placed on the top line of the paper and furthest to the right. August 15, 2007 Place date here!

4 Salutation or Greeting
The salutation or greeting goes a line below the heading and on the opposite side of the paper. In a friendly letter it should say: Dear _______, (place the name of the person you are writing to in the blank)‏

5 The Body In the body of the letter you include what you want to say to the person you are writing to. This could be anything you want. The body goes below the greeting and is indented. Don't forget to check your spelling, grammar and indentation!

6 The Closing The closing is where you sign off and say goodbye.
The first letter is capitalized and a comma is placed at the end. The closing goes below the body and aligned with the heading. You can use: Sincerly, Your Friend, Love or some variation.

7 Signature The easiest part of all! This is your name.
Make sure you capitalize your name. Since it is a friendly letter, you need not include your last name.

8 Sample Letter August 15, 2007 Dear Lindsey,
How are you Lindsey? I am doing well. I just wanted to write you a letter to say hello and see how you were. Hopefully we will see each other soon. I can't wait to get a letter back from you! Love, Kathy

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