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The Challenges of Urbanization Ch 7-2

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1 The Challenges of Urbanization Ch 7-2

2 Urbanization The technological boom (steel, railroads, phone) led to rapid urbanization, or growth of cities. What are some consequences of urbanization? Answer- over population, lack of housing, pollution, disease, competition for jobs.

3 Americanization Movement
The Americanization movement was designed to assimilate people of wide-ranging cultures into the dominant culture. Social etiquette classes were given as well as English to help immigrants learn the ways of native-born Americans. It encouraged recent immigrants to forget their own cultural traditions. Yet, many immigrants did not wish to abandon their traditions. Ethnic communities (like Santa Ana) provided much social support.

4 Urban Problems Tenement-urban housing usually occupied by more than one family and unsanitary. Overpopulation led to new housing developments such as row houses (similar to condos where walls are shared) Transportation-Mass transit enabled large numbers of people to be moved along a fixed route.

5 New York City Tenement


7 Water and Sanitation Many cities had no water due to the lack of pipes. Homes had no plumbing. You had to get your water from faucets located in the street for public use. Sanitation- horse manure piled up on the streets and sewage flowed through open gutters.

8 Social Gospel Movement
The Social Gospel Movement preached salvation through the service of the poor. Its main interest was social reform. It called for settlement houses, or community centers in slum neighborhoods that provided assistance for low income people.

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