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Global warming.

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1 Global warming

2 What is global warming? Global warming is the build up of green house gasses in the atmosphere which is destroying the atmosphere and more of the suns heat can enter the earth causing it to heat up. The polar ice caps are melting causing sea levels to rise.

3 What are the possible affects?
Global warming has many possible effects. Some countries in the world might become too hot for people to live in because they could already be high temperature countries so the extra heat would add to it. Floods are another big possibility because as the sea levels rise the more space it takes up. Many sea side towns could become flooded.

4 How can we stop global warming?
We can help to prevent global warming by using less energy. Cars and lorries are a big factor to global warming so people should try to use public transport to get to where they need to go. Using less energy would also mean that factories wouldn’t have to give out as much smoke and other gases into the atmosphere.

5 The Financial Factors ! The flooding possible caused by global warming could do millions of pounds worth of damage to houses and business. The government would have to pay out lots of money to build protection against the water. Food and fuel prices would go up because it would be harder to get food to places and countries that grow food might get to hot so the crops will die.

6 Environmental Factors !
The environment would be affected greatly by the water and the heat. Lots of plants and trees would be destroyed and with the carbon emissions given off by the factories and cars. There would also be a lot more deforestation because the people would need to build new homes if floods had destroyed there old ones.

7 Family Factors ! The family factors of global warming might be that you have to move hose because it is getting to hot where you live or the area is flooding. Food would be expensive as well so there would be less food for you and your family.

8 Thank You For Listening

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