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SGE Meet the Teacher Evening August 23, 2013. Read Aloud Introductions Staggered Entry School Procedures Questions.

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1 SGE Meet the Teacher Evening August 23, 2013

2 Read Aloud Introductions Staggered Entry School Procedures Questions

3 Angela Grant, Principal Janelle Styons, Assistant Principal and Primary Grade Administrator Tasha Gaines, DOC Teachers Ms. Jordan (Shamrock) Ms. Wiederhold (Shamrock) Ms. Betsch (Shamrock) Ms. Franck (Learning Immersion) Ms. Sullivan (Learning Immersion) Ms. Corpus (ESL) Ms. Pena (EC) Support Staff Ms. Moore (Counselor) Dr. Crawford (Psychologist) Nurse Savage Ms. Miller (K-1 Facilitator) Ms. Carter (CIS) Ms. Schlick (TD) Connect Team Ms. Turner (PE) Ms. Hollar (Media) Mr. Fohner (Music) Mr. Steele (Art)


5 Last Names A-F = Monday, August 26 th Last Names G-L = Tuesday, August 27 th Last Names M-R = Wednesday, August 28 th Last Names S-Z = Thursday, August 29 th Every child attends Friday, August 30 th.

6 All K students will report or be directed to the media center on their first day. Parents may stay for 10 minutes only. Sign your child in and record the afternoon transportation for: 1) staggered entry day 2) remainder of school year Please attach afternoon transportation to your scholar.

7 Word Work Math Writing Phonics & Sight Words

8 TimeEventLocation 7:45-8:30Arrival/Sign-InMedia Center 8:30-10:30Activity/AssessmentK Classrooms 10:30-11:15Connect OrientationMedia Center 11:15-12:15Activity/AssessmentK Classrooms 12:15-1:00LunchCafeteria 1:00-1:30Read AloudK Classrooms 1:30-2:00RecessPlayground 2:00-3:15 Activity/Assessment/Dismissal K Classrooms

9 Parents will be notified via phone call and/or email of their childs Kindergarten teacher on the evening of Thursday August 29 th. This allows us to make last minute adjustments to the draft rosters as necessary to account for even classroom numbers, etc.


11 Required daily, except for scheduled Uniform Free days. Top colors: white, hunter green, kelly green, light blue, dark blue Bottom colors: dark blue, khaki Socks: dark blue, white Shoes: closed toe & closed heel Belts: dark-colored No hats inside building.

12 Students may be dropped off between 7:45 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. Do not drop students off before 7:45 a.m. There is no supervision available at that time. Independence Day Tardy bell rings at 8:15. If the front doors are open, you are on time, if they are closed, you are late and your child needs to be signed in. Dont park in the fire lane- even to sign your child in.

13 Afternoon Dismissal: Car Riders: Escorted by Teachers to cafeteria. Parents will need a car rider tag to pick up their student. Bus Riders: Escorted by Teachers Futrell Bus information in mailing Bus behavior Van Riders: Escorted by Teachers Walkers: Escorted by Teachers to Room 1. Parents will need a walker tag to pick up their student. ASEP

14 1 hour Readers Workshop 45 min. Writers Workshop 1 hour Math 30 min. Math Workshop 45 min. Science/Social Studies 30 min. Word Work 25 min. Lunch 25 min. Recess 45 min. Connect (art, music, PE, technology, media)

15 Blue card – most important form Learning compact Physical records Immunization records Court orders, custody information Plenty of important information to read carefully and sign! Please update contact information regularly!

16 Contact Heather Hoveland if you are interested in: PTA Room Parent Contact Lisa Carter (CIS) if you are interested in volunteer opportunities. Registration & background check required. Apply to volunteer at

17 Breakfast is free for all students. Lunch is $2.25. Free/reduced lunch forms online. Information about the new online payment system will be in first day packets. May bring lunch from home – no peanut products, please! Sign in to eat lunch with your child at family table.

18 Students are expected to arrive at school on time every day. Note required for excused absence (illness, etc.). Letters sent home for excessive unexcused absences. If children arent here, they arent learning. Please make attendance a priority.

19 Literacy: All letters & sounds by October At least 100 sight words Writing several complete sentences Reading at or above level D (example) Math: Count to at least 100 Write and compare all numerals to at least 20 Solve addition and subtraction problems within 10 Compose & decompose numbers within 20 (tens and ones)


21 980-343-6440

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