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1 Welcome to the Second Grade Orientation 2 Introduction Mrs. Evans.

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2 1 Welcome to the Second Grade Orientation

3 2 Introduction Mrs. Evans

4 3 Mrs. Jacob Mrs. RobinsonMrs. Suarez

5 4 Grades Numeric Grades for: –Language Arts –Reading –Math –Science –Social Studies E S N U Grades for: –Health, Art, Theatre Arts, and Conduct 100-90 = A 89-80= B 79-75= C 74-70= D Below 70=F E – Excellent S – Satisfactory N – Needs Improvement U - Unsatisfactory

6 5 Procedures Arrival / Tardies *Children may not arrive at school before 7:00 am. due to no supervision of your child. Children are tardy if not in their classroom by 7:35 Dismissal is at 2:30 pm –No supervision is available on campus after 3pm. Lunch: Cafeteria expectations Conferences are at the end of Sept and in March

7 6 Special Things Library/Computers PE/Music Homework/Newsletter Field trips - All chaperones must have clearance to attend. Everyone must reapply online this year. Chaperones may not bring children on the field trip. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

8 7 Communication with Parents Agenda Books Please sign over the weekend only! Please do not sign Reading Logs until the end of the week! Phone calls and notes as needed Email

9 8 DISMISSAL *Must have written notification if -there is a bus change for any reason - your child is going home with a friend -your child is going home a DIFFERENT way (being picked up instead of riding bus, etc.) *Children will not be released from school between 2:15-2:30.Please do not sign your children out between those times. *Children will not be released from the class- room. You must sign them out in the office. *Parent pickup is in the back next to the posted sign. *Daycare vehicles are the only ones in the front.

10 9 Food *As per a State Mandate, no food will be given to the students in the classroom. Snacks must be nutritious. Please do not send candy, chips, sodas etc. for snack time. *Birthdays-Birthday treats may be dropped off in the office or brought to school with your child in the morning. Students are not allowed to have birthday treats during lunch. They will be passed out at the end of the school day. Mr. Morgan requests that you send cookies, not cupcakes. *Two parties a year and special food will be allowed on those two days only. One is before our winter break – one is before Valentines Day.

11 10 Dress Code We have P.E. three days a week but recess every day! Please do not allow your child to wear flip-flops, sandals or high heeled shoes of any kind. Your childs safety is our number one concern!

12 11 Math Investigations – Encourages – Problem solving –Math Lessons –Work Stations Flash cards –The ability to quickly recall facts is important –Please practice addition AND subtraction daily

13 12 4 Blocks Working with Words Writing Self Selected Reading Guided Reading and Reading Lessons

14 13 Science and Social Studies Integrated Application of reading, writing and mathematical thinking in a real world setting Scientific Process

15 14 Technology Visit our school website at Each class has a website – check for news and weekly assignment, exciting links, and other information Word Wall Words are posted on the class web site and are updated weekly E-mail your childs teacher with concerns or comments

16 15 How is My Child Doing? 9 week grading periods Progress Reports sent home after: –3 weeks for failing grades –6 weeks for everyone

17 16

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