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Unit 4 Culture and Custumes Sister Cities Idaho Falls 3 rd Grade Social Studies.

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1 Unit 4 Culture and Custumes Sister Cities Idaho Falls 3 rd Grade Social Studies


3 Who started the Sister Cities program, and when did it start? President Eisenhower 1956

4 Why was it started? President Eisenhower wanted to involve people in citizen diplomacy, to build relationships, and lesson fighting in the world.

5 Who decides which cities are sisters? Sister Cities International is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and fostering town twinning.

6 Idaho Falls was paired a Sister City with Tokai-mura, Japan on July 4, 1981.

7 What are the 4 goals of the Sister City program?

8 1. Partnerships Develop partnerships between U.S. cities, counties, and states and similar backgrounds in other nations.

9 2. Problem Solve We will creatively learn, work, and solve problems together through cultural, educational, business, professional and technical exchanges and projects.

10 3. Strengthen Create an atmosphere in which economic and community development can be implemented and strengthened.

11 3.Share Goals Collaborate with organizations in the United States and other countries which share similar goals.

12 4. Experience and Explore Provide opportunities for city officials and citizens to experience and explore other cultures through long-term community partnerships.

13 This is the Idaho Falls and Tokai Muras symbol of a Sister City.

14 We live in the town of Idaho Falls, in the state of Idaho, on the continent of North America. Our Sister City is Tokai-mura, on the island and country of Japan, on the Continent of Asia.


16 Lets learn a little about our city of Idaho Falls before we travel to our Sister City of Tokai Mura.

17 We live in the United States of America, the State of Idaho and the city of Idaho Falls? Idaho Falls

18 We have our Countrys flag and our state flag.

19 Idaho Falls is very scenic and has many types of wildlife.

20 We can do do many things in our town. We can go fishing or floating on the Snake River.

21 We can go horseback riding, take a walk along the Green Blelt, or even go golfing.

22 We can go to Tauphaus Park, picnic and visit the zoo.

23 We can listen to the Idaho Falls Symphony, or visit the Museum of Idaho.

24 We can also go to a Chuckers Baseball game.

25 When we are hungry we have many restaurants to pick from, and we also have some local companies here.

26 There are also many religions and churches to pick from if we want.

27 Idaho Falls is filled with schools both public and private.

28 We also have 2 or 4 year colleges, and trade schools to attend.

29 Our seasons in Idaho Falls are mild, not to hot, not too cool. We usually have warm summers in the 80s, and cool winters in the 30s.

30 Our town is considered a dessert, due to the small amount of rainfall we have.

31 In Idaho Falls, farming is a very important part of our town and state.

32 Some of the crops we grow are potatos and.

33 Wheat and Barley. Wheat Barley

34 Idaho Falls has renewable energy resources as water and wind energy and....

35 We also have nuclear energy. Many people in Idaho Falls work at the Idaho National Laboratory.

36 There are more than 50 nuclear reactors which is the largest concentration of reactors in the world.

37 Now that you know more about the our town of Idaho Falls….

38 Lets review a minute…

39 What the 5 reasons Sister Cities were formed ? PartnershipsProblem Solve Strengthen Experience & ExploreShare goals

40 When you have a Sister City, you visit one another. Here is our mayor with students from Tokai-Mura.

41 Here students from Tokai Mura view an Idaho potato farm.

42 Here we are pointing out the sights of the Grand Teton Mountains.

43 In each city there is a monument to represent the friendship we have with each other. This Sister City monument is found along our Snake River Green Belt.

44 Because Sister Cities visit one another lets go from…

45 Idaho Falls To our Sister City is Tokai- mura,


47 Go to Unit 4 Customs and Cultures_Sister Cities_Tokai-Mura to learn more.

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