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Unit 4 Culture and Customs Tokai Mura 3 rd Grade Social Studies.

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2 Unit 4 Culture and Customs Tokai Mura 3 rd Grade Social Studies

3 Remember that Idaho Falls became a Sister City with Tokai-mura, Japan on July 4, 1981.

4 Here is Tokai Muras country of Japans flag & here is Idaho Falls country of The United States of Americas flag.

5 Lets do a quick review for the reasons we have Sister Cities…

6 We have them to? PartnershipsProblem Solve Strengthen Experience & ExploreShare goals

7 Remember when you have a Sister City, you visit one another.

8 Tokai Mura students visited us in Idaho Falls. We showed them where we lived, and showed them our Sister City Monument.

9 Now its our turn to visit Tokai Mura Japan.

10 We live in the town of Idaho Falls, in the state of Idaho, on the continent of North America. Our sister city is Tokai-mura, in the country of Japan, on the Continent of Asia.


12 Tokai-mura is located on the island of Japan. It has many land formations.

13 Tatsuya Murakami, the Mayor of Tokai-mura. He greets us at the City Hall of their town.

14 This is a Wish Tree in front of their City Hall.

15 Idaho Falls mayor, Jared Furhman, is greeted by a resident of Tokai-mura and given a present and by some of the people of Tokai-Mura.

16 These symbols meanTokai-mura in Japanese

17 Everyone eats in the City Hall where they would pay with yen.

18 The yen is the Japanese currency unit. There are six kinds of coins 500 yen, 100 yen, 50 yen, 10 yen, and 5 yen.

19 *There are four kinds of bills (10,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 2,000 yen 1,000 yen, 1 yen) used. *Japanese currency is designed for easy use. *Each bill has raised bumps in the bottom, left corner. *All of the bills and coins are different sizes.

20 City hall is the place where the town gathers for social events.

21 A stone is slid toward the score area on the mat. Two teams alternately throw out three stones, and the each game score is calculated from the number of stones carried to or near the center of the score area. They play games and they have…

22 Cheerleaders !

23 When touring Tokai Mura you can walk down some of these roads and see....

24 homes that look like yours and when you travel to the Eastern side of Tokai Mura you will see…

25 the ocean and beaches with sand hills.

26 You will then travel to the Kuji River in the southern part, by the Pacific Ocean and fish.

27 The weather is mild, with rain from spring to fall. Winters are dry and mostly free from natural disasters so you do not have to worry about the weather.

28 When you are in the lower land of Tokai, you will see the hills where they grow rice and...

29 Sweet Potatoes! Does this sound a little bit like Idaho Falls?

30 You will walk the hillsides that are filled with fields and forests.

31 and see the The Village Flower, Lilium Maculatum, and the Village tree, the Japanese Black Pine.

32 For fun you will take a horse back ride, or go golfing.

33 Visit a Wine estate in the forest or watch a group of baboons.

34 Yes, I said baboons!

35 You will visit an indoor or an outdoor Temple in Tokai.

36 Or visit one of their many schools on the island.

37 The city of Tokais flag hiragana to shaped as the gamma ? (γ) of gamma-radiation, and the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

38 Tokai is the birthplace for atomic energy research in Japan....

39 In the eastern area of Tokai Mura nuclear buildings, reactors and power stations exist.

40 My neighbor Mitch in Idaho

41 United Streaming Japan There's No Food Like My Food: Shuntsuke in Japan.

42 Tokai-mura KEK News Vol.9 No.1(Tokai-mura, past and present) KEK News Vol.9 No.1(Tokai-mura, past and present)

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