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Also known as The Scientific Method

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1 Also known as The Scientific Method
Scientific Inquiry Also known as The Scientific Method

2 How Scientists Think Observing-using senses to gather information
Qualitative-descriptions, no numbers Quantitative-involves numbers Inferring-explaining observations Predicting-forecasting the future based on past experience Classifying-grouping items that are alike

3 Posing questions What is the difference between scientific questions and opinions or judgments? Hypothesis is a possible answer to a scientific question or an explanation for a set of observations. It must be testable It must be a statement

4 What can you learn about mealworms?
Discovery Activity P14 What can you learn about mealworms? Write three questions about mealworms and their behavior. Discuss how you would find the answers.

5 Designing an experiment
Experiments test a hypothesis. Variables are factors that change in an experiment. Manipulated variable is a variable that is change also called the independent variable. Responding variable is the variable that changes because of the manipulated variable, also called the dependent variable. Controlled experiment is an investigation in which all the variable except one remain the same.

6 Skills Activity p 16 Design the experiment: Hypothesis?
What are the manipulated and responding variables? Is there anything else you would need to control? See figure 8

7 Data Facts, figures and other evidence gathered through observations
P9 Analyzing Data, answer the four questions.

8 Conclusions After the data is interpreted, scientists draw conclusions about their hypothesis.

9 Communication Communication is sharing ideas and conclusions with others through writing or speaking

10 Active Art The Nature of Inquiry

11 Scientific Model A picture, diagram, image or some other representation of a process or system. Examples: solar system, flight path of space travel, globe

12 Scientific Attitudes Curiosity Honesty Open-mindedness and skepticism

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