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Alligator and Frilled Lizard

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1 Alligator and Frilled Lizard
By Nicholas and Tre

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Reptiles Fish Amphibians Birds

3 Most reptiles... are cold-blooded have dry, rough scaly skin
lay their eggs or under dry ground breathe through lungs

4 The Alligator and Frilled lizard are both Reptiles.

5 Alligator Like many animals, alligators have two eyelids to protect each eye. Alligators can’t breathe underwater, but they can stay there for an hour or more.

6 Alligator They have a long muscular tail to guide them through the water. Their eyes, ears, and nose can peek out just above the waterline so they can locate prey without being seen.

7 Alligator The Alligators have strong jaws and very sharp teeth to tear animals apart if they are too big to swallow whole. They have about 40 very sharp teeth for ripping off flesh and eating prey.

8 Alligator Adult gators have large mouths with huge teeth to eat fish, birds, turtles, reptiles, and mammals. They swallow their prey whole and can weigh up to 600 pounds as an adult.

9 Alligator Female alligators lay about 20 to 60 eggs at a time. The mother covers the nest for about three months to protect the eggs from predators. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the mother opens the nest and helps the young baby alligators out of their shells.

10 One adaptation the alligator has is its webbed back feet
One adaptation the alligator has is its webbed back feet. This strong webbing between the toes help the alligator steer. Their bodies are long and lizard-like with a thick, muscular tail. The tail helps it move through the water.

11 Alligators move three different ways on land
Alligators move three different ways on land. They high walk, belly walk, and belly run. Its leathery skin is a good camouflage and makes the gator look like a log.

12 Frilled Lizard Frilled lizards are meat eaters. They eat spiders, bugs, and small lizards. They have long toes so that they can hold on to branches when they go hunting.

13 Frilled Lizard Some Frilled lizards live in Australian. They are cold-blooded and need to live where it is warm.

14 Frilled Lizard They have a thin frill around its head to scare away enemies. Frilled Lizards live in dry forests and woodlands in the northern and north-western parts of Australia.

15 Frilled Lizard The frilled lizard grows to around cm tall. The Frill-necked Lizard is known as the Frilled Dragon. This lizard uses this frill to attract a mate.

16 Frilled Lizard This lizard is fun to watch because of the way it retreats from a predator. It looks funny to us, but they use their puffed up collar to scare their enemy.

17 Frilled Lizard The Frilled Lizard’s color matches the color of the land and the trees it lives on. Male frilled lizards are more brightly colored than females so they can attract a mate. .

18 Frilled Lizard Females lay about 8 to 23 tiny eggs in an underground nest. The babies know how to use their “frill” when they are born.

19 Alligator and Frilled Lizard
We hope you learned a lot of new things you didn’t know about the Alligator and the Frilled Lizard.

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