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Cobra By Jack Harvey.

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1 Cobra By Jack Harvey

2 Animal Classifications
There are five different groups animals with vertebrates. These classifications are: Mammals Fish Reptiles Amphibians birds

3 The Cobra’s animal classification
The Cobra has certain characteristics that make it a reptile. Here are some of its attributes. Most reptiles are cold blooded. They have rough scaly skin. They lay eggs under dry ground. Breathe through lungs

4 Diagram of a Cobra

5 Appearance The king cobra is a humongous poisonous snake. When the king cobra is scared, it hisses and makes his head flat into a hood. The cobra has false eyespots on the back of its hood. He has that so that he can scare away his enemies.

6 About the Cobra When a Cobra is threatened on an attack he strikes. A Cobra lives for about 20 years. A cobra is a meat eater. It is cold-blooded A cobra has a nest where it lays eggs. A cobra has a hood and has scaly skin.

7 Cobra’s Enemies The cobras enemies are the mongoose, lizards,and even people. He sprays his venom at his enemies. But when the mongoose strikes, the mongoose doesn’t miss. He shakes the cobra two times or until it is dead.

8 The Cobra’s Habitat Cobras live in nests on the ground. They live in grasslands and rainforests. King cobras climb on trees and swims in water. They live by dry logs. A cobra lives in a zoo only in North America. Some cobras live in Africa.

9 The Cobra’s Diet Cobras eat small mice and small birds. King Cobras also eat fish, frogs, and other animals that live in the water. Small cobras eat insects. Sometimes at night King Cobras get hungry and eat other snakes nearby.

10 The end Now you know more about the King Cobra. You know to stay away from the king cobras because they are dangerous. Now you know to stay away from dry logs because a cobra might be in there I hope you enjoyed learning about the King Cobra.

11 I hope you learned a lot about the King

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