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TOU can s TOUCANS By Collin Gibbons.

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1 TOU can s TOUCANS By Collin Gibbons

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Birds Fish Reptiles Amphibians

3 CHARACTERISTICS My animal is classified as a bird because:
It has feathers. It breathes with lungs. It lays eggs. It is warm blooded. It flies. It has a beak. It has wings.

4 CLASSIFICATIONS A Toucan is classified as a bird because it has a large beak and it’s beak is made for mating and when they go to sleep there beaks go down there backs! Another classification is it flies and all birds fly. And one more classification is it has feathers and is what makes a Toucan a bird!

5 ADAPTATIONS A Toucan’s Adaptations are:
A colorful beak which helps them blend in with all the tropical things! A Toucan is very colorful. It does not fly well so it hops around in the trees.

6 Habitat A Toucan lives in the canopy . It lives in the trees! It lives at rivers, woodlands, and palm groves.

7 Behavior A Toucan acts good when it is not attacking fruit! Except when it is attacking fruit it acts calm when predators come it will do as much as it can to try to get away or camouflage! The male and the female take turns taking care of the eggs!

8 Habits It will attack fruit such as: pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe, peaches, oranges, grapes and grapefruits! It will also eat bird eggs, tree frogs, insects, and seeds! A Toucan is about 20 inches long!

9 Facts A Toucan has iridescent blue feet. A Toucan has a red tail.
A Toucan has a rainbow colored beak. A Toucan has a yellow head and a chest with a red border. A Toucan has green skin on its eyes.

10 Ending Slide Thank you for watching my power point!
I hope you learned a lot about Toucans!!!!

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