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Content Symposium Lesson Christina Strid Corsica Public School.

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1 Content Symposium Lesson Christina Strid Corsica Public School

2 Lesson Objectives Students will say what they do using the present tense of –ar verbs Students will answer questions about what they are doing using present tense -ar verbs.

3 hablo necesito miro compro busco llevo trabajo I talk I need I look at I buy I look for I carry I work

4 hablar necesitar mirar -ar form called infinitive

5 Me gusta hablar por teléfono. Me gusta mirar la televisión. This form is used with the phrase me gusta

6 hablar necesitar mirar To add an ending: remove the -ar from the infinitive.

7 habl necesit mir This leaves the stem of the verb.

8 habl necesit mir The ending is then added to the stem. o as a

9 Activities Students will have group practice conjugating present tense ar verbs.

10 Él _______ por teléfono. hablohablashabla

11 Él _______ por teléfono. hablohablas habla

12 Yo _______ una camisa también. necesitasnecesitanecesito

13 Yo _______ una camisa también. necesito necesitasnecesita

14 ¿________ tú una camisa? Sí, ________ una camisa. necesitonecesitasnecesita necesitonecesitasnecesita Question & Answer

15 ¿________ tú una camisa? Sí, ________ una camisa. necesito Necesitas necesita necesitonecesitasnecesita

16 ¿________ tú una camisa? Sí, ________ una camisa. necesito Necesitas necesita necesito necesitasnecesita

17 Group Activity Create, conduct and analyze a –how often/activity survey and report back to the class siempremucho a veces nunca Estudiar en la biblioteca Estudiar con amigos Contestar en la clase de español

18 Assessment Students will report in class their survey results. Students will write a school journal entry using adverbs and their expressions. Students will complete guided practice sheets.

19 How will you get the content in to your Tablet so you can use the power of digital ink and other Tablet tools? The Power Points will be put in the class Web CT.

20 How will the students receive their portion of the assignment? The group activity assignment will be given in class. The journal and practice will be on the class WebCT site.

21 What will the students be doing during the lesson presentation?

22 Students will be giving the correct verb conjugations.

23 How will the student portion be submitted to you for evaluation? The students will use WebCT to submit their journal entries and their verb practice sheets.

24 How will you use the TabletPC to evaluate the student work? I will use digital ink to correct the students journal entries and verb practice.

25 My strategy to return completed assignments to my students Student assignments will be returned and the next class day through WebCT. We can discuss any questions the next day.

26 Will there time when the lids will be down on the student computers? I will have the lids down at the introduction of the verb conjugation to have their undivided attention.

27 Challenges in managing my classroom Rearrange tables On task during presentations

28 How repeatable is this lesson strategy for lessons you will be teaching? Many different lessons that will work well with Power Point. –Any type verb conjugation –Question and Answer –Listening activities –Dialogues and Videos

29 Resources Tom Duggan:Power Point Pres. For Spanish Class – Mrs. Shirleys Spanish Site: PowerPoint Presentations – werpoint/pptpres.htm werpoint/pptpres.htm

30 Resources Dennis Bricault: North Park University Spanish Departmet PowerPoint Slide Shows – hows.htm hows.htm Spanish PowerPoints –


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