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-AR Verbs 1st/3rd Person Forms.

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1 -AR Verbs 1st/3rd Person Forms

2 -AR Verbs -AR verbs are verbs, or action words, that end in “AR” in the infinitive. The “infinitive” form of the verb is the one you would find in the dictionary. Like “To talk” - “Hablar”

3 -AR Verbs - 1st Person The 1st Person form is the “yo” (“I”) form.
Use the 1st Person to talk about yourself.

4 -AR Verbs - 1st Person Necesitar: to need Yo necesito: I need
Comprar: to buy Yo compro: I buy

5 -AR Verbs - 1st Person Mirar: to look at/watch
Yo miro: I look at/watch Llevar: to carry/to wear Yo llevo: I carry/I wear

6 -AR Verbs - 3rd Person The 3rd person is the él/ella/usted form of the verb. Use it to talk about he/she/you (formal)

7 -AR Verbs - 3rd Person Buscar: to look for Busca: he/she looks for
Pagar: to pay Paga: he/she pays

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