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Verbs By: Señorita McMahon.

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1 Verbs By: Señorita McMahon

2 What are verbs? A verb is a word used to show that an action is taking place or to indicate the existence of a state or condition, or the part of speech to which such a word belongs.

3 Depending on the subject, the verb changes.
Verbs Change Depending on the subject, the verb changes. Example: I walk. You walk. She walks. He walks. We walk. They walk.

4 Spanish Verbs/Subjects
In Spanish, verbs change, too. For each subject, there is a different ending on the verb. Subject of the sentence: Yo = I Tú = You Él = He Ella = She Nosotros = We Ellos/Ellas = They

5 Steps to Spanish Verbs First, drop the ending on the original verb. The endings will be one of the following: -AR -ER -IR

6 We will start with –AR verbs.
Steps We will start with –AR verbs. HABLAR = to talk HABLAR - remove the –AR.

7 Steps HABL AR  HABL- Add the new ending depending on the subject:
I - o You - as He/She - a We - amos They - an


9 End Product Hablo = I talk. Hablas = You talk.
Habla = She talks. He talks. Hablamos = We talk. Hablan = They talk.

10 Examples of Sentences Yo hablo mucho a receso. I talk a lot at recess.
Ella habla con la profesora. She talks with the professor. Nosotros hablamos en clase de español. We talk in Spanish class.

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