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Orthodontist Emily Wakeford 4 th Hour Career Tech.

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1 Orthodontist Emily Wakeford 4 th Hour Career Tech

2 Introduction All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. The career I want to be is an orthodontist. The main part of and Orthodontist job is to fix peoples teeth to make them beautiful and straight. What got me interested in this career is when I got my braces off and seeing how happy I was with my smile and teeth I wanted to make other people have gorgeous teeth too. In order to get a better understanding of my chosen career field I will be researching nature of work, slide working conditions, Qualifications, Advancement, job lookout employment, earnings, and occupations.

3  Examine x rays of teeth, gums, and jaw.  make dental appliances like retainers  Teach patients about dental care  Straighten teeth  Repair cracked braces teeth or appliances Nature of work

4 Working Conditions  Working conditions are indoors  Physical.  Hours we work are normal, Usually 40 hours a week, But the hours do vary.  There are normally other people working with you Like partners.

5 Qualifications, Advancement  Most need at least a bachelor degree before entering dental school.  I plan on getting higher then a bachelor degree though.  plan on going to central or Michigan state College for this job.  To help prepare for this job in high school I will take dental classes, biology, chemistry, and physics.

6 Job outlook/ Employment  Growing by 21 percent.  It will probably start dropping because in a lot of areas people don’t even have dental care or insurance for this. I would like to find the career opening in St. Clair Shores.  The orthodontist I go to is called lake point & it would be pretty cool to work there, So that’s my goal unless I move far away. 

7 Earnings  Pay should be around 147,000 a year.  Yes this does fit my goal.  My first purchase is a hot pink charger

8 Pediatrician  77,60 an hour  161,410 average annual pay  4-8 years of college & medical school  22% increase in jobs  Treat illnesses children have

9 Summary What I look forward to the most in this job is being able to straighten peoples teeth up and give them beautiful teeth & smiles. I don’t look forward to repairing cracked braces. I don’t want to do this because we applied them once so we shouldn’t have to do it again. Innless they were doing something they weren't suppose to. I still am pretty sure that I want to do this career.

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