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 5/8/14  Hour 2  Madison Hanke  Career Technology.

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1  5/8/14  Hour 2  Madison Hanke  Career Technology

2  The branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of irregular teeth, as by means of braces.  Fact: You help people feel better about themselves by improving their teeth.  What got me interested in being an orthodontist is when I got my braces on. Everyone was so nice at my orthodontist and I love my teeth now and I love my orthodontist that fixed my teeth. I want to help fix peoples teeth so they can be happy and boost their confidence.  I will be researching salary, work hours, days off, collage requirements and vacations.

3  You will have to be good with people to be an orthodontist.  Often orthodontic procedures will cause patients pain.  Take off the treatment such as braces, and give the patients retainers.  You might use x-rays or plaster molds of your patients' teeth.  You might be in charge of supervising and instructing orthodontic technicians and assistants in performing routine procedures.

4  An orthodontist is physical because your are physically working on the patient.  Orthodontists work indoors.  Usually work 30-40 hours a week. Normally from 8:30am-5:00pm.  The environment is indoors and working on your feet most of the time.

5  To be an Orthodontist you need a doctors degree.  I'm planning on going to Michigan State for my educations.  I will take the dentil program at lake shore as a junior/senior to prepare me for this career in the future.

6  The employment rate is most likely to increase/rise within the next 10 years.  An orthodontist is a competitive job.  I will be looking for job openings in the dentist office.  I desire to own my own orthodontist.

7  My lifestyle goals are to go to collage, get married, and have children.  The average earnings of being an orthodontist is $127,000 dollars per year.  Yes, this salary fits my goal because it is a great amount of money.  My first purchase with my earnings will be to buy a new house.

8  My back up career is to be a professional basketball player.  There are a lot of responsibilities such as conditioning and staying in shape.  Active working conditions.  Training is working out, practicing and going to the gym.  I think this would be fun because I love playing basketball and being active.  The earning would be around 15,000,000. It depends on how good you are.

9 My feelings are positive because I love helping people and it looks like a really fun job. One thing I look forward to the most in this career is to helping people have a beautiful smile. One thing I'm least looking forward to is sometimes I might hurt patients. I've learned a lot about being an orthodontist from this project. I've learned what the salary was and that sometimes this job could be complicated. Now that I've done this project I cant wait to go to collage and learn so many new things about this career.

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