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The Safavid Empire (Iran)

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1 The Safavid Empire (Iran)

2 The Safavid Empire blended Persian cultural traditions with Shia Islam.

3 What is Shia Islam? A conflict arose over who should be caliph after the death of the prophet Muhammad. Islam split into two groups. The Shia (Shiite) thought that only members of Muhammad’s family could become caliphs. The Sunni thought it did not matter as long as they were good Muslims and strong leaders.

4 The Safavid Empire The Safavid Empire began when the Safavid leader Esma’il conquered Persia and made himself shah, or king. He made Shiism the official religion of the empire

5 Religion Eventually, most of the empire converted to the Shi’a form of Islam. Most of the world’s Shi’a Muslims are still located in this area today

6 Key Leaders Persian version of Suleiman
*Shah Abbas "the Great"( ) Persian version of Suleiman built Persia’s first standing army regained territory formerly lost to the Ottoman Empire

7 Shah Abbas Safavids reach their peak of power under Shah Abbas 1. He continued to fight with Ottoman Empire for many years 2. After his death (1629), the Safavid Empire began its decline.

8 Safavids had vibrant middle class
Trade Safavids had vibrant middle class Greatest area of productivity in Safavid Empire was textiles Carpets were prized all over the world

9 Summary of the Safavid Empire

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