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Example Question: Who won the world series last year?  San Francisco Giants.

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2 Example Question: Who won the world series last year?  San Francisco Giants

3 The ____ decided not to cooperate with the investigation into whether American Film industry had been influenced by communists  Hollywood Ten

4 True or False: The Soviets successfully took over West Berlin after a blockade which forced the U.S. to withdrew from the city.  False

5 This is an organization created after WWII in order to resolve International conflicts.  United Nations

6 This U.S. aid program was meant to rebuild Europe after WWII.  Marshall Plan

7 This defensive military alliance was the first military alliance that the U.S. entered during peacetime.  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

8 True or False: A Hungarian rebellion in 1956 successfully overthrew and replaced a pro Soviet Union regime  False: Soviets intervened and put down the rebellion

9 This term refers to the indirect but hostile conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union that began at the end of WWII  The Cold War

10 He was the leader of the Chinese Communists.  Mao Zedong

11 Where did the Chinese Nationalists retreat to at the end of the Chinese Civil War?  Taiwan

12 Where is the boundary between North and South Korea  The 38 th parallel

13 This policy was intended to defend the Middle East against an attack by any communist country.  Eisenhower Doctrine

14 Countries in Eastern Europe entered into this military alliance with the Soviet Union  Warsaw Pact

15 The policy of the U.S. to show its willingness to go to the brink of nuclear war is called  Brinkmanship

16 As secretary of state he proposed the U.S. declare its intention to use massive retaliation against any aggression  John Foster Dulles

17 This group’s covert actions helped to topple governments in countries like Iran.  CIA

18 The Cold War policy of this President was based on less spending on the traditional military and more spending on nuclear weapons and covert ops.  Dwight Eisenhower

19 True or False : Douglas McArthur was fired by Harry Truman after McArthur continuously attacked Truman for not expanding the war in Korea into China.  True

20 Which famous politician stated in a speech after WWII that an iron curtain had descended over Eastern Europe.  Winston Churchill

21 The policy of the U.S. to help free country’s resist aggression from outside influences or armed minorities is known as…  Truman Doctrine

22 True or False: Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were two Americans that were convicted of spying for the Soviets and sentenced to death  True

23 The Truman Doctrine was outlined in a speech asking congress for money to support the governments of Turkey and _______  Greece

24 George Marshall was convicted of perjury after being accused of spying for the Soviet Union  False: Alger Hiss

25 This U.S. Senator accused people of being communist without any evidence.  Joe McCarthy

26 Which country intervened in the Korean war on the side of the North?  China

27 This policy was proposed by George Kennan and stated that the U.S. should try and prevent the spread of communism.  Containment

28 This is the theory that if one nation falls to communism, the other nations in the region will too.  Domino Theory

29 Chaing Kai-Shek was the leader of South Korea during the Korean War.  False: He was the leader of the Chinese Nationalist

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