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Storm Preparedness Workshop Verizon Florida, LLC May 23, 2007.

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1 Storm Preparedness Workshop Verizon Florida, LLC May 23, 2007

2 2 Presentation Overview Verizons new fiber network Pole inspection and replacement Disaster planning, response and recovery

3 3 Verizon Florida actively maintains its network and invests heavily to ensure network reliability. A substantial portion of the network has already been placed underground. Maintaining a sound, reliable network is critical in todays highly competitive market. Verizon has spent nearly $750 M since 2004 deploying fiber facilities underground in Florida. Verizon will pass approximately 1.3 M households by 2010 out of a projected 1.7 M in our territory. Verizons New Fiber Network

4 4 Verizons fiber-optic network is storm hardened – 99.9% underground means nothing can fall on the network and interrupt service during adverse weather conditions. Fiber itself is impervious to water and keeps functioning even when wet. Restoration is substantially faster than with copper and splicing just one fiber cable immediately puts anywhere from one to hundreds of customers back in service. Verizons fiber facilities deliver substantial benefits to consumers while increasing our networks ability to withstand storm conditions. Verizons New Fiber Network Storm Hardened Infrastructure

5 5 Underground Fiber Placement Fiber deployment is widespread and is impervious to weather.

6 6 Fiber Hub and Terminal Fiber from central offices connects to distribution Hubs then on to distribution terminals that serve four customers each. Fiber Distribution Hub Fiber Distribution Terminal

7 7 ONT and Battery Back-Up Battery Back-up Provides Emergency Power to the ONT for up to 8 Hours. c Fiber drops connect the distribution terminal to the ONT mounted at the customer's Location. ONT Battery Back-Up

8 8 Pole Inspection and Replacement Verizon has been aggressively inspecting telephone poles throughout its service territory. Over 7,700 pole inspections have been completed since September 2006 and 2,200 are being replaced. All poles failing inspection are replaced and not treated.

9 9 Verizon has substantial experience in disaster preparedness, response procedures and best practices. Service protection and restoration strategies are an integral part of Verizons system wide network management and operations. The Southeast Region Control Center (RCC) has access to Verizons nationwide resources such as additional equipment, manpower and supplies. Verizons wireless resources have been used extensively during previous disasters. Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery

10 10 Verizon dispatches its workforce by pre-assigned grid after it has been determined by the appropriate County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that it is safe to start assessments. Damage assessments for each grid are transmitted in near real time to Verizons RCC. After assessments are completed, teams of technicians are dispatched to repair damage and restore service in affected grids. Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery

11 This icon represents: Currently doing the damage assessment Key Indicators Customer reported trouble Damage assessment underway Construction underway Construction completed

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