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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Gretchen Grey.

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1 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Gretchen Grey

2 Agenda What is it? Planning Process Planning Background Ongoing Readiness

3 What is it?

4 Three Areas of Focus Emergency Management Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

5 Emergency Management Crisis management Life / safety Initial response Assessment Alert Authorities

6 Business Continuity Alternate worksite Business exposure assessment / risk analysis Business interruption / costs Workaround procedures Reciprocal agreements

7 Return to acceptable operations Restore critical business functions Data / application recovery Salvage / restoration / disposal Replacement / replenish resources Disaster Recovery

8 University Planning Roles

9 University EOC – Emergency Operations Center – Command Center – University President

10 Planning Process

11 MAIS Planning Process

12 Iterations

13 Goals Protect Employees Minimize the effect of an incident Protect Assets Recover IT Readiness – Prepare and Train

14 Planning Background

15 Initiation Former Provost Paul Courant and former CFO Robert Kasdin directed MAIS to work with central offices and business owners to develop disaster recovery/business continuity plans for the University's mission-critical business processes and information systems.

16 Recovery Background ─ MAIS began planning in earnest more than 2 years ago ─ Time to recovery from major systems outage was 30+ days ─ Preparations in place today offer recovery time of 2 – 5 days

17 MAIS Systems Recovery ─ Large generator for computer room ─ “Hot site” in Philadelphia ─ Files are copied and stored in a secured facility every day

18 Continued Improvement ─ Shared computer room at Arbor Lakes ─ Shorten recovery times ─ Reduce costs by eliminating hot site contract

19 Business Continuity Background ─ Identified critical business processes such as admissions, payroll and purchasing ─ Developed a framework for central offices

20 Continuity Background ─ Procedures to ‘work around’ systems outage and other contingencies ─ Store emergency supplies and equipment

21 Continuity Goals Manage crises with central coordination Consistent and accurate internal and external communications Cover key roles And to impart confidence in all stakeholders

22 Ongoing Readiness

23 Recovery Test Overview ─ Execute tests at least annually ─ Testing time is limited/precious ─ Set specific goals and objectives ─ Define tasks hour-by-hour tasks ─ All necessary resources are in place

24 Recovery Test Overview ─ Two 48-hour tests every year ─ Deploy teams to Philadelphia ─ Every test is a success

25 Continuity Exercises –Table top discussion –Scripted and simulates time passing as realistic as possible –Cross divisional dependencies and touch points –Eventually, introduce unexpected situations

26 Planning Do’s –Store in a safe and easily accessible location - Don’t leave it at work –Home address, phone, … treat all contents as confidential –Authorized and essential personnel –Call-in number for status and instructions

27 Raising Awareness in U-M Units ─ Enterprise-wide readiness ─ Not just technology ─ Top-down support ─ Policies / standards

28 Success Factors –Tests / exercises are valued –Clear directions for every level –Integrated planning with day-to-day operations –Continuous internal awareness

29 Focus ─ Ask yourself everyday “If I knew for certain that something catastrophic will happen tomorrow, what will I want with me? What will I wish I had done to prepare?”

30 Web Site See the University’s Emergency Preparedness Web Site

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