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Chapter 17 Foreign Policy and National Defense

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1 Chapter 17 Foreign Policy and National Defense
American Government Chapter 17 Foreign Policy and National Defense

2 Section 1 Foreign Affairs and National Security
What major change took place in the United States’ relationship with the rest of the world after WWII? The relationship shifted from isolationism to internationalism

3 What is foreign policy? Foreign policy involves all of a country’s relationships with other countries – Diplomatic Military Commercial

4 What is the main function of the State Department?
The State Department advises the President and formulates and conducts U.S. foreign policy

5 What does Foreign Service do? It represents the United States abroad

6 Why is the military under civilian control?
The Framers of the Constitution believed that military power could threaten a free government if the military were not under civilian control

7 Who are the chief military aids to the secretary of defense?
The five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: 1. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs 2. the army chief of staff 3. the chief of naval operations 4. commandant of the marine Corps 5. the air force chief of staff

8 What are the three military departments?
1. Army 2. Navy 3. Air Force

9 Terms Diplomatic Immunity
- freedom of a nations ambassadors from the laws of the country to which they are accredited Right of Legation - the right to send and receive diplomatic representatives

10 Terms cont. Ambassador - the President’s representative to another nation Isolationism - refusal to become involved in the world’s affairs Domestic affairs - events that take place in one’s own country Foreign affairs - a nations relationship with other countries

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