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Roles of the President.

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1 Roles of the President

2 (8) Key roles of the President
Chief of state Chief executive Chief administrator Chief diplomat Commander in Chief Chief legislator Party chief Chief citizen

3 Chief of State The chief of state is the ceremonial head of the government of the United States He represents all of the American people President both “reigns” and “rules” Often, ceremonial heads only “reign”.

4 Chief Executive The chief executive is given “the executive Power” of the United States by the Constitution. Holds a wide range of powers Deals with both domestic and foreign affairs Sometimes considered the most powerful office in the world

5 Chief Administrator The chief administrator is the leader of the Federal Government Directs an administration that employs more than 2.7 million civilians (non military personnel)

6 Chief Diplomat The chief diplomat is in charge of our foreign policy, meaning how we interact with other countries Nation’s “chief spokesperson to the rest of the world” Meets with other leaders to make agreements and solve problems

7 Commander in Chief The Commander in Chief is the head of all of the American armed forces— Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard Considered “civilian control”, meaning the leader of the military is not a professional military officer

8 Chief Legislator The chief legislator sets much of the overall congressional agenda Often initiates, suggests, requests, insists, and demands that Congress enact certain laws

9 Chief of Party The chief of party is the head of the party that controls the executive branch of government. For example, the Democratic party currently controls the executive branch. President Obama is therefore considered the chief of party for the Democrats. What happens if the President is not liked by his party?

10 Chief Citizen The chief citizen is expected to work for and represent the public interest against the many private interests Expected to be the “representative of all the people”

11 Presidential Stats (REVIEW)
Must be a “natural born Citizen”—born in the United States Possible to become President after being born an American citizen abroad, but this has never been tested Must be at least 35 years old Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years

12 Presidential Stats (REVIEW) Continued…
4 year terms 2 term limit Congress determines the President’s salary Originally: $25,000 per year Currently:$400,000 per year Receives a $50,000 expense allowance per year

13 MORE Benefits… Air Force One White House Camp David Secret Service

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