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WELCOME TO AP CALCULUS AB. Teacher Mrs. Vallejos AP Calculus AB Blocks: 3, 5, 6, 8.

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2 Teacher Mrs. Vallejos Email: AP Calculus AB Blocks: 3, 5, 6, 8


4 This is our official class website. It contains assignments, important dates, and other class related information. There is also a link to Engrade. I update Engrade regularly - check it.

5 Supplies Please bring the following to class everyday: Something to write with Your QUADRILLE Notebook A graphing calculator Your textbook A positive attitude

6 HOMEWORK Worth 15% of your total grade Show ALL work Use standard mathematical notation Late work is excepted for excused absences only, I NEED TO SEE THE NOTE – not just the main office Neatness counts Partial credit is given for incomplete on-time assignments

7 Assessments Quizzes, tests, projects, semester exams Worth 60% of your total grade Follow the AP format Different versions NO EXTENDED TEST TIME Missing tests are very serious. If you are going to be absent excused for a test, you must either make arrangements prior to a planned absence to make up test. For an unplanned absence, you will take the test immediately upon return to school and I (as well as the main office) must be notified by a doctor, parent or guardian that your absence was excused.

8 Classwork Worth 20% of your total grade YOU have complete control of this. Take notes, write observations and summaries – your grade will appreciate it.

9 Particiaption Worth 5% of your total grade This is like a bonus I am rewarding you for doing what you are supposed to do Come to class on time, participate, have a positive attitude, you get all your credit. Don’t do this – lose your credit.

10 AP EXAM The 2012 AP Calculus AB exam will be given on May 9, 2012

11 Frequently Asked Questions

12 Will this be on the test??

13 Answer: YES!

14 Can I have extra credit??

15 Answer: NO!

16 Class rules: 15-15 will be followed A tardy is a tardy – excused or unexcused. Be prepared for class No electronic devices Be considerate of others Be neat Be positive

17 One more rule:

18 You have to work to succeed: AP Calculus Tutorials: Thursdays @ 2:30 AP Calculus Saturday Sessions: – January 21, 2012 – March 3, 2012 – March 31, 2012

19 Advice: You will probably get frustrated, relax, make some notes about WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, look at it again after 5-10 minutes. Keep a positive attitude, trust me, it will help. Get a study buddy, or study group. Do every problem you can DO NOT fall behind. Catch up is almost impossible. This class goes too fast.

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