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For DBEs You Are the Message Speaker: Larry Sunday Altorfer.

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1 for DBEs You Are the Message Speaker: Larry Sunday Altorfer

2 for DBEs

3 Attention to Details Not About Downtime but Uptime… Downtime Breaks You –Downtime Brakes You –Downtime is a Costly Business Line Item Does Not Show on Your Statement or Does It?

4 for DBEs Attention to Details A Manufacturer and Dealer based on Many Years of Business History… A Manufacturer and Dealer who can support you and your business! A Manufacturer and Dealer who CARES!!!

5 for DBEs Prevention Operator training – Operators are first line of defense – Programs help them understand high-tech equipment – Productivity also gets a boost

6 for DBEs Prevention Read the operators manual Daily walk-around

7 for DBEs Prevention S.O.S SM Fluids Analysis – Measures internal wear – Prevents minor from becoming major

8 for DBEs Maintenance Caterpillar Maintenance Programs –Allows your resources to be applied elsewhere – Can be customized for you – Can include all scheduled maintenance

9 for DBEs Maintenance Parts availability – Caterpillar worldwide commitment – Dealer commitment

10 for DBEs New Cat Parts Cat Remanufactured Parts Cat Classic Parts Maintenance

11 for DBEs On-line ordering – Cat Parts Store website – Cat Service Information System – Cat General Parts Information Catalog Maintenance

12 for DBEs PRF2 1.Perception 2.Reality 3.First Look 4.First Impression Your Universe: The Customer

13 for DBEs Reputation Based upon your equipment –Your company is immediately judged on this – age, condition and appearance – by your customers Your equipment is the message Your equipment is what your customers see –This could be even one machine –It could be a pickup

14 for DBEs A Prosperous & Succesful Organization Begins with Great Equipment – Well Maintained Great Operators Great Maintenance Great Jobs Great Dealer Support Great Leadership

15 for DBEs The Commitment Begins Every Day! Part of Your Business Model Success Parting Comments… Repair and Maintenance

16 for DBEs The Commitment Never Ends to Well Maintained Equipment Ready to Go to Work! Parting Comments… Repair and Maintenance

17 for DBEs

18 The Benefits of Renting Short Term Solution Based on Application Based on Utilization Off Balance Sheet –Expense Line Item

19 for DBEs The Benefits of Renting Conserve Cash Readily Available Reduced Costs Responsive Service Build Relationships

20 for DBEs Basics Service Relationships SUCCESS

21 for DBEs What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say Remember that famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

22 for DBEs Non-verbal Communication 55% Tonality of Your Voice 37% Verbal Communication 7%

23 for DBEs Counsel Guidance Support Assistance Just Ask Ask for Help!

24 for DBEs The views expressed herein are the personal views of the author and are not intended to reflect and do not necessarily reflect the views of Caterpillar Inc.

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