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GRILLING M. Overman Spring 2008. Grilling Dry heat method Healthy Great flavor!

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1 GRILLING M. Overman Spring 2008

2 Grilling Dry heat method Healthy Great flavor!

3 85% of American families own grills of some type!

4 The perfect spot Outdoors Level Non-wood surface Well lit *now many outdoor kitchens are popular


6 Mise en Place everything in its place BBQ brush, tongs, ingredients, etc

7 Preparation Good grilling is not immediate you have to plan for it. Check gas/charcoal supplies, Marinate meats, pre-light grill, clean grates (wire brush).

8 Grilling Direct- over the fire 450-650 degrees most common Indirect- off to the side of the fire (smokers), usually larger pieces of meats.


10 Roasting in embers- hobo meals from girl scouts (potatoes, hamburger, onion, and carrots)

11 Charcoal Grilling Use chimney starter to light coals You can also add wood (HARD only) to give other flavors. (Hickory, oak, apple, mesquite)

12 Gas Grilling CONVIENCE is #1 reason for using. Does not have the same flavor Can use wood chips to add flavor

13 Heat control The biggest challenge of grilling Shorten time on any grill by covering the grill Generally the thinner the meat the higher the heat

14 Ingredients for grilling Dark brown sugar richer flavor Lemon and other juices high in acid break down meat Mustard, oils (EVLO), peppers (red, black, white, whole and crushed), pine nuts, salt, green onions (scallions)

15 Grilling Gear Tongs (do not pierce meats) Meat thermometers Grilling baskets

16 Starting Charcoal/hardwoods Lighter fluid- frowned upon Electric loop starters- have to have electric, extension cords, etc Chimney starters- most preferred, uniform coals, safe


18 Our Class open house BBQ Favorite salad recipes (made with kitchens) and make kabobs Day 1 Grill kabobs & finish salads Day 2 Grill hotdogs on gas and charcoal grills and eat salads Day 3 Veggie kabobs (Worcestershire marinade or Italian dressing marinade Hawaiian kabobs (sweet marinade w/ pineapple) Meat choices (chicken, beef, ham) (venison?) Veggie choices (mushrooms, zucchini, green pepper, red pepper, onions, yellow squash)

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