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Polish dinner receipes Presented in Zeanuri October 2012.

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2 Polish dinner receipes Presented in Zeanuri October 2012

3 Beetroot soup or Borscht

4 Ingredients  5 middle-sized beetroots  3 spoons of cream 12%  3 spoons of flour  2 spoons of oil  sugar  salt  pepper  vinegar  butter  4 hard boiled eggs

5 How to prepare:  Peel off beetroots and put into water with a teaspoon of sugar and vinegar. Boil it for 30 minutes and then prepare a mixture from cream, flour and oil, when it is mixed well add some hot soup to avoid small lumps in it. If it is creamy put butter, salt and pepper according to your taste. Served with eggs cut into quarters on a plate. To get better colour of soup leave beetroots until next day.

6 Minced meat served with stewed carrots

7 Ingredients  400 g pork meat  400 g beef meat  2 eggs  4 spoons of breadcrumbs  parsley  lemon juice  salt  pepper  mustard  chilli  marjoram  500 g carrots  450 tinned green peas  butter  sugar  flour

8 How to prepare: Minced chops:  Washed meat mince with mincer. Add salt, pepper, marjoram, breadcrumbs and mustard. Mix it well when it is smooth. Create chops and coat them in breadcrumbs. Fry until it is dark brown.

9 Stewed carrot:  Peel off carrots and grate them into small pieces. Put carrots into light salted water and stew for 20 minutes. Add tinned green peas. Gently mix it. Add butter and sugar. Stew next 5 minutes. Sprinkle with flour to get fluid consistancy. Serve with mashed potatoes

10 Bigos

11 Ingredients:  500 g sauerkraut  500 g fresh white cabbage  400 g pork meat or sausages  200 g forest mushrooms  200 g onions  100 g dried plumps  salt  pepper  allspice  bay leaves

12 How to prepare:  Cut the sauerkraut and fresh white cabbage, dice meat, peel off and cut the onions. Put all the ingredients into a big pot. Add some water to stew it for long time. Keep an eye on it.  When the meat is soft put extra seasonings according to your taste. If there is too much water in a pot boil gently to vaporize the insufficient water. Bigos is the best if it is left for some days in a cellar. Serve with slices of bread.

13 Good appetite!! Made by Comenius group in Gimnazjum nr 3 in Cieszyn

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