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Zoo Quest by Richelle DeCuir Social Studies Grades 2-4.

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1 Zoo Quest by Richelle DeCuir Social Studies Grades 2-4

2 Louisiana Framework G-1A-E2: locating and interpreting geographic features and places on maps and globes G-1B-E1 describing and comparing the physical characteristics of places including land forms, bodies of water, soils, vegetation, and climate G-1B-E4 defining and differentiating regions by using physical characteristics, such as climate and land forms, and by using human characteristics, such as economic activity and language G-1D-E1 identifying and explaining ways in which people depend upon and modify the physical environment G-1D-E4 describing the use, distribution, and importance of natural resources

3 Technology Strategies Identify, explain, and effectively use input, output and storage devices of computers and other technologies (e.g., keyboard, mouse, scanner, adaptive devices, monitor, printer floppy disk, hard drive). (5,6) window, disk drive, hard drive, CD-ROM, laser disc) when referring to technology. (6) Discuss basic issues related to responsible use of technology and information; and describe personal consequences of inappropriate use. (5) Use a variety of developmentally appropriate resources and productivity tools (e.g., logical thinking programs, writing and graphic tools, digital cameras, graphing software) for communication, presentation, and illustration of thoughts, ideas, and stories (e.g., signs, posters, banners, charts, journals, newsletters, and multimedia presentation.) (1,3,4) Use technology tools (e.g., publishing, multimedia tools, and word processing software) for individual and for simple collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities for a variety of audiences. (1,3) Gather information and communicate with others using telecommunications (e.g., email, video conference, internet) with support from teachers, family members, or peers. (1,4,5,6) Utilize search strategies employing keywords, phrases, and Boolean operators (and, or, not) to access and retrieve information. (4) Evaluate electronic information for accuracy, relevance, appropriateness, comprehensiveness, and bias. (2,4,5) Use technology resources to assist in problem-solving, self-directed learning, and extended learning activities. (2,4)

4 Learning Objectives Locate three animals in the zoo Complete a chart using resources both online and offline for three animals Take a picture of three animals using a digital camera Locate where the three animals live at the Alexandria Zoo and label on a map Locate and label where the animals originate on a world map Create a presentation using the information collected Evaluate group work using a rubric

5 Materials Zoo map World map Teacher created rubric and chart Zoo Quest Directions and clues Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See? by Bill Martin & Eric Carle

6 Technology Connection Digital Camera Floppy disk Computer Printer Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Website hot page

7 Lesson Procedures Read story and discuss animals. Discuss the concept of extinction. Assign groups. Pass out supplies and give directions. Zoo: students will search for their assigned animals, take pictures, record information and return within the specified design. Lab: research the assigned animals on the Internet, compile the information from the zoo and websites, paste animal pictures into presentation along with information, evaluate presentation for grammar and punctuation, print handouts, and share information with the class orally and using presentation slideshow.

8 Assessment Procedures Group will complete a teacher created rubric. Teacher will evaluate rubrics and assign score.

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