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Elements of a Short Story

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1 Elements of a Short Story

2 Fiction Refers to works of prose that have imaginary elements.
It can be inspired by actual events and real people. Two major types of fiction are novels and short stories. Both novels and short stories have four basic elements: plot, character, setting and theme.

3 Plot The sequence of events in a story. It is like a blueprint of what happens, when it happens and to whom it happens. Plots are built around conflicts-problems or struggles between opposing forces. A plot usually includes these four stages of development: exposition, rising action, climax and falling action.

4 Plot Outline Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition

5 Exposition introduces characters and setting supplies background
sets tone

6 Rising Action introduces complications builds suspense
is when the plot “thickens”

7 Climax is turning point of story
is the moment when suspense reaches its peak results in change for main character sometimes occurs at end of story, without being followed by falling action

8 Falling Action occurs after climax of story resolves conflict
ties up loose ends of story

9 Point of View refers to the relationship between a narrator and the events he or she describes first-person point of view-a character participating in the action of a story tells the story Uses “I”. third-person omniscient-the narrator is “all knowing” and able to see into the minds of all characters third-person limited-the narrator perceives events only as an observer or only through the eyes of one character

10 Character The people, animals or imaginary creatures who take part in the action of a story. The events center on one or more main characters. Minor characters interact with the main characters and help move the story along. Dynamic characters change as a result of events. Static characters remain unchanged.

11 Setting The particular time and place in which the events occur.
The setting may be real or imaginary. The events may occur in the past, the present or the future. Setting can play an important role in what happens to the characters and how they respond to problems.

12 Theme A theme in a work of fiction is a perception about life or human nature that the writer conveys to the reader. Most themes are not stated directly. Themes can be revealed by: -a work’s title -key phrases and statements about big ideas -the ways the characters change and the lessons they learn about life

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