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Elements of Fiction.

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1 Elements of Fiction

2 Fiction Writing that comes from an author’s imagination.
Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction Fantasy Science Fiction Purpose of Fiction: to entertain

3 2 Forms of Fiction Short Story Novel

4 Short Story Revolves around a single idea
Is short enough to be read in one sitting

5 Novel Longer and more complex
Usually contains several chapters or sections

6 Bell Ringer Have your Elements of Fiction notes out and your textbooks open to p. 16.

7 Characters Characters
People, animals, or imaginary creatures who take part in the action of a story. Main Characters and Minor Characters Defined by their traits and motives Can be dynamic or static

8 Characters Major (Main) Character Minor Character
Most important character in the story Minor Character Provide part of the background of the story

9 Setting Setting Time and place a story takes place
Past, Present, or Future

10 Plot Sequence of events in a story
The sequence unfolds in this manner: Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution

11 Plot: Exposition Sets the stage for the story
Characters are introduced, setting is described, and conflict begins

12 Plot: Rising Action Struggles leading to excitement of the story occur. Events are building up to the climax

13 Plot: Climax Highest point of interest or suspense in story (peak is reached) Usually results in a major change in the characters or a solution to a problem

14 Plot: Falling Action The results of the climax are revealed

15 Plot: Resolution Conclusion of the story
Loose ends are tied up and story ends

16 Conflict Struggles between opposing forces in a story
Two types of conflict: External or Internal

17 External Conflict External Conflict
Struggles take place between outside forces Character vs. Character Character vs. Nature Character vs. Machine Character vs. Society

18 Internal Conflict Internal
Struggle takes place within a character’s mind Character vs. Self

19 Point of View The perspective from which a story is told.
1st Person Narrator 3rd Person Omniscient 3rd Person Narrator 3rd Person Limited

20 Point of View 1st Person Narrator 3rd Person Narrator
Narrator is one of the characters Uses I, me, and we 3rd Person Narrator Not a character Uses he, she, they, and them

21 Point of View 3rd Person Omniscient All knowing
Narrator knows everything about the characters Sees in their minds Reveals thoughts and feelings of all characters

22 Point of View 3rd Person Limited Not in the story
Narrator tells us what one person thinks, believes, and feels

23 Theme Central idea of the story Meaning or moral
Most themes are not stated directly Examples Friendship Survival Family Relationships Death

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