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The Four Types of Sentences A tutorial for Mrs. Pritchard’s 8 th grade English class Click NEXT to go on… NEXT.

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2 The Four Types of Sentences A tutorial for Mrs. Pritchard’s 8 th grade English class Click NEXT to go on… NEXT

3 Alabama State Standards Alabama Course of Study Standard 20- Know and apply principles of grammar and writing in writing, speaking, and presenting and apply mechanics in writing. Click NEXT to go on…NEXT

4 Objectives TSW identify the four kinds of sentences and use them effectively in writing. TSW match the four sentence types to sentences found at the end of the tutorial with at least 75 percent accuracy. NEXT

5 What are the Four Sentence Types? Do you recall when we talked about what function a sentence plays in writing? Click HERE to see if this jogs your memory!HERE Well, not only does a sentence express a complete thought, they can also express emotions, make a command, make a statement or even ask a question. Click NEXT to learn more…NEXT

6 Sentence Definition A sentence is a group of words that express a complete thought. See, I knew you would remember! Now click HERE to return to the tutorial. HERE

7 Declarative Sentence A declarative sentence is one of the most popular types of sentences. This type of sentence makes a statement. Look below for an example! **Our class is reading “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.** As you can see, this sentence simply makes a statement about an event that occurred in an English class. Now, let’s see how observant you are today. Can you tell me something else you noticed about this declarative statement. Take a guess, and click HERE to see if you were right.HERE Click Next to go on…Next ** If you want more information, check out this website:

8 Did you guess right? If you said that a declarative sentence ends in a period, you were correct. Give yourself a pat on the back. Now click HERE to go back to the tutorial.HERE

9 Interrogative Sentence Whenever you want to ask a question, you use an interrogative sentence. For example, each time you say, “Mom, can I go to the movies with my friends?” you are using the second sentence type, an interrogative sentence. Let’s test those observation skills once again! What punctuation do you use in an interrogative sentence? (hint, hint) Ok, there is no fooling you, is there???? (That’s right. The answer was QUESTION mark wasn’t it?) Now, let’s move on by clicking NEXT…NEXT **Want to test your knowledge? Check out this website!

10 Exclamatory Sentence An exclamatory is just like it sounds. This type of sentence expresses strong feelings. However, you want to be careful when using its punctuation mark in your e- mails or chat rooms or people will think you are YELLING AT THEM!!!!! Now, three down, one to go. NEXTNEXT

11 Imperative Sentence “No more talking class. You must stop playing, so we can begin our lesson.” Uh, oh, sounds like someone is in trouble. Whenever one of your teachers gives a command, they are using an imperative sentence. Watch out though, because the punctuation mark is the same as that of a declarative sentence. And what makes imperative sentences even more confusing is that they may also end with an exclamation mark if the person is trying to make a command with emotion. Here are some examples of imperative sentences: “Open your books to page twenty-two.” “Don’t run in the hallways!” “Clean your room.” “Don’t give me that look!” NEXT… NEXT…

12 Look at you now!! Congratulations, you have just made it to the end of the tutorial. But hold on, not so fast. Now it is time to see what you have learned from today’s lesson. Directions: Below there are four sentences. Read each sentence and try to figure out which of the four sentence types are present in each sentence. Write your answers on a sheet a paper before checking your answers. Good luck… Sentence #1: I cannot believe that we are going to see Aaron Carter in concert tonight! Sentence #2: Call me tonight before the concert. Sentence #3: Did you get our tickets yet? Sentence #4: I am wearing my favorite T-shirt to the concert. Now, let’s see what you know. Click HERE to check your answers…HERE

13 Answers to the sentence types quiz Sentence # 1 is an exclamatory sentence. Sentence #2 is an imperative sentence. Sentence #3 is an interrogative sentence. Sentence #4 is a declarative sentence. Click NEXT to finish the tutorial…NEXT If you want to take another quiz, check out this website:

14 Need more information? You have successfully completed the tutorial on the four types of sentences. Do you recall the web site links posted throughout the tutorial? These web sites were carefully chosen to help you learn more about the things your teacher is discussing in your English class. Be sure to check these sites out for additional information about all kind of cool ideas for making English more fun to learn. Who knows, you may be able to teach me a thing or two! See you next time… NEXT…


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