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Types of Sentences Second Grade Language Arts

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1 Types of Sentences Second Grade Language Arts
SPI Identify and use correct punctuation at the end of declarative, exclamatory, and interrogative sentences. 

2 What are the three types of sentences?
Declarative Interrogative Exclamatory

3 Declarative Sentences
These are the most important types of sentences. These sentences will tell you facts, opinions, and other statements. This type of sentence will end with a period.

4 Example Declarative Sentences
The sky is blue. I am a third grade student. We will go to the movies tomorrow. He is a great reader. We have a program in the morning. Our class is having a party on Friday!

5 Interrogative Sentences
An interrogative sentences asks a question. This type of sentence is usually asked directly to someone. This type of sentence ends with a question mark.

6 Examples of Interrogative Sentences
Can you repeat the question? Are we going to have recess today? What is your favorite movie? How do you answer this question? Do you have an extra pencil?

7 Exclamatory Sentences
This is a sentence that has very strong emotion or surprise. Exclamatory sentences express the intense feelings of a person. This type of sentence ends with an exclamation point. (!)

8 Examples of Exclamatory Sentences
What a beautiful day! I am angry! You did a great job! I love the color of your room! You won the prize! That is a huge whale!

9 Let’s Identify the Three Types of Sentences
I am a second grade teacher. What type of sentence is this?

10 Answer Declarative Sentence

11 Identify this Sentence
Who is your teacher?

12 Interrogative Sentence
Answer Interrogative Sentence

13 Identify this Sentence
We won the prize!

14 Answer Exclamatory Sentence

15 Watch a BrainPOP Video!

16 Play A Game to Review Sentence Clubhouse
BBC - KS1 Bitesize Games - Literacy – Punctuation Go for Gold

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