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Prospecting and Identifying Problems

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1 Prospecting and Identifying Problems

2 The Six Steps Of Solutions Selling
Prospecting Identifying problems (discovery, qualifying) Generating solutions (research and strategy) Presenting Negotiating and closing Servicing

3 | | | | | | | The Money Engine | | | S S S $ $ $ | | | | | $ | | | | S
Accounts | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Prospects #1 “Keep the Prospects section full.” | | | | | | | S S S S S Pending S S S #2 “Keep Pending accounts hot and close them.” S S $ $ $ #3 “Make Active Accounts raving fans.” $ $ $ $ $ Active Accounts $ Renewals $ $ $ $ #4 “Advertisers don’t become customers until they renew.”

4 Prospecting Prospecting is creating opportunities to make a proposal.
Work smart. Have an organized system. Spend at least 7.5% of your productive time prospecting.

5 Prospecting Methods By current advertisers in other media By season
By category/vertical By geographic region By inactive advertisers By current advertisers By business, civic, and other organizations 21

6 Prospecting: Creating Opportunities
Finding prospects who have advertising or marketing problems And for which you have a solution Especially in a targeted audience Especially for in-the-market consumers Make contact: Write out telephone pitch in advance Use the prospect’s name, introduce yourself and your company Use a referral if possible 14

7 Prospecting State the purpose of the call is to set up an appointment, not to sell anything. Mention a motivating benefit (“special reason,” “special offer,” “profitable idea”). The words “idea” and “profitable” are magic, solutions oriented. But make sure you’re not exaggerating. 15

8 Prospecting Pacing is the key on the telephone
Get to the point quickly. Pause often. Match prospect’s pace. Put a mirror on your desk and stand up. More animated, friendly, dynamic 16

9 Prospecting On the phone, be persistent (but not obnoxious).
If you get a “yes” for an appointment, reconfirm the time and day. “What’s your address? I’ll send you an confirming the day and time.” Don’t reconfirm the day of the appointment Have an assistant call after you’ve left. 17

10 Prospecting If you get the “don’t-come-see me” stopper:
Ask “why?” Compliment their business. “If one of your salespeople...” “Thought you’d be interested in how to improve your ROI and media accountability on the Internet.” Appointments are imperative. Face-to-face is vitally important for initial meeting. 18

11 Prospecting Prospecting is about positive attitude.
Rejection is a given, so optimism is critical. It’s not personal. Enthusiasm for your products is key (increases credibility). Believe that you can solve problems for everybody you see. Prospecting is about commitment. To the process. To solving problems and helping customers get results as they define results. 22

12 Set Activity Goals Number of calls/contacts Number of appointments
Create a block of time (get off your computer, overcome your obsession). Number of appointments Minimum = Average five per week 12

13 The Money Engine Prospecting keeps the Money Engine fueled.
Prospecting keeps food on the table.

14 Indentifying Problems
Two phases: Qualifying Indentifying problems Qualifying is finding the right people to call on. Quality, not quantity of calls is critical.

15 Qualifying Qualifying appointment “Read their desk.”
Don’t take notes, build rapport (first impression). Build trust. Become a partner. Qualify creditworthiness. Assess perceptual set and readiness. Get an appointment for a discovery meeting.

16 Identifying Problems Detective work Discovery Questions
“Computers are useless. They only give you answers.” Picasso Ask great questions. Open-end questions Closed-end questions Verification questions Start with open-end questions Discovery Questions Smart follow-up questions are the key.

17 Now You’re Ready To generate solutions that solve those problems
To generate solutions-based proposals To deliver presentations that create value To get prospects what they want

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