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How to succeed as a distributor in Direct Marketing.

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1 How to succeed as a distributor in Direct Marketing

2 Distributor responsibilities Be sold yourself !! You are an ambassador Understand the products and services, benefits and features you promote

3 Company message What is: Your company’s market place and track record Your company’s purpose other than money What do you bring to the table? Why should anyone do business with you? N ever mind how the product is sold. Does the company have good stuff at a good price ??

4 Competitors Who are your competitors? Companies? People? What do they do? Better than you? What do they bring to the table? That you don’t?

5 Understand Real Marketing Key point 1: New customers for any business: Hard to find High cost of acquisition Key Point 2 : This is a marketing and sales opportunity for those with no idea how to market and sell (Mike Dillard) Get yourself a marketing education then use it

6 Understand Direct Response Only spend on marketing where you can measure the response – queries, calls, leads and the bang for advertising buck Try to avoid random actions in marketing Optimise your ROI The internet can assist

7 Understand Attraction Marketing Key : “Noone likes to be sold. But we all have problems. If you with your company can show people how to solve their problems you will not have to sell. They will buy.”

8 Attraction : Some Key Elements Study sales funnels Master copywriting Sequential follow up Create a list of qualified prospects with permission to market Market to and Upsell the list Get prospects to “lean forward – I’d like to know more” Develop knowledge of the industry – become expert Basic leadership skills – inspiration, communication Pleasing telephone manner /voice What works for you?

9 Key Message – Prospecting Think like a hunter... What are your prospect’s wants, needs, don’t wants Think how your prospects think In that way match needs with well crafted questions, words and adverts

10 Think like a hunter (Online) The internet is only a medium, other Principles of communication / motivation remain the same: 1)Target the best Market 2) Compose relevant messages

11 Think like a hunter (Offline) Here realise you are the medium: Study personal / interpersonal skills Your message: Stimulate curiosity and interest with questions Only give information when requested Know your market: Any and all but only those who respond to you positively

12 Ask The Right Questions The right Questions, skilfully used can : Get attention Motivate Inspire Lead Create curiosity

13 The Phone call Identify your personality Identify your prospect’s personality Never Never Chase The call: Have a reason Use scripts but practice till natural

14 Meaningful Meetings Introductions Your prospect’s goals Your objective Your Disclaimers Validate at each stage of the talk (fit / no fit, investigate) Have an attitude of abundance: Realise all prospects are important but there are many more

15 Presentation Forget the facts, figures, the clever words. Key point: What your prospect wants is solutions to his / her problems They are not the slightest bit interested in details until it is clear how to get results with you and what you offer

16 Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up If you follow up – ie make 2 nd and 3 rd contacts then be sure to use “Permission marketing”: If you have not properly got “permission” for further contact you become unwanted The old school of “overcoming objections” is hard Get permission either through “Opt ins” (emails) or “Green Lights” (questions in conversation)

17 Documentation Remember that signing up is the start of your obligations as trainer Don’t be in too much of a hurry to sign up just anyone Who may do nothing but take your time

18 Sign-off Sign documents Close the sale

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