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Xcallibre Sales Cycle Guideline. Introduction This presentation is a guide to become a more effective salesperson for Xcallibre. It covers the basic steps.

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1 Xcallibre Sales Cycle Guideline

2 Introduction This presentation is a guide to become a more effective salesperson for Xcallibre. It covers the basic steps within the Xcallibre Sales Cycle as well as to give you some tips on how to close the deal. Selling new technology to a client will be perceived as a high cost and also very risky as there will be no track record for its use. Also remember that people do not make decisions quickly on things that they are not familiar with. They key to your success is effective follow ups with your prospective clients. This must be seen as your own business, so you need to ensure that you come up with the right formula for your success. Happy Selling!

3 Sales Cycle Prospecting/ Qualifying Client Make the appointment Needs Analysis / Demonstration/ Information gather Preparation of quote Present Quote/ Close deal/ Handover Project Man./ After Sales

4 Prospecting/Qualifying Leads Prospecting/ Qualifying Client Before you start calling people, you need to prepare a plan. Firstly, establish your objectives, develop a sales follow up plan, then an execution strategy and then finally, you need to develop an on-going follow-up plan. Understand your target market well Anticipate their objections and be prepared to overcome them Identify your prospect Always try and locate the decision maker in the organisation Decide on a Sales approach Send out a mail to prospective clients to generate some interest about us Organise yourself – proper time management Put together a wishlist of people you want to do business with Use existing networks and relationships to generate leads Research prospects to see if they have a need for our solution There is no sure way of generating prospects, do what works for you Most importantly, determine the amount of time that you want to spend pursuing your prospect

5 Make the appointment Remember that the objective here is to secure the appointment, you should not try and sell the solution over the phone. Also, anticipate the objections that you likely to encounter and have your answers ready. When calling a prospect, remember: Always ask for the right person and if it’s a convenient time to talk, if he/she is busy, ask for a time to call back.(don’t leave it up to prospect to call you back) Immediately identify yourself to the prospect and keep it short and to the point. Always mention benefits of Xcallibre and try to establish a good rapport with the prospect. Give the prospect alternate dates as to when you want to see them. Try to make your appointments within the same geographical area Do not get too excited should a prospect want to see you immediately, remember that you need to plan your day effectively as you are a professional.

6 Needs Analysis/Demonstration/ Information Gather Needs Analysis / Demonstration/ Information gather Now that you have secured the appointment, then next step is to meet the prospect. Always be punctual (at least 10 minutes early) Listen to the clients needs and find out as much about their business as possible Highlight our benefits and the difference we can make to their business Do the demonstration (do a test run before meeting with client to ensure all is working properly) Leave behind some information on Xcallibre If the client is interested, gather info on the project that they want to implement. Use the pre-quote checklist. Your appointment should NOT be more that 1 hour., but make the most out of the meetings Encourage the client to ask as many questions to make it interactive It should not be an information overload for the client Try and cut down as many objections while talking to the client and look out for the buying signals After the meeting, establish a follow up date and time for your next meeting Create a system for tracking your follow-up process

7 Preparation of quote Preparation of Quote Once you have gathered all the information, send it to Xcallibre offices. The turnaround time is 24 hours for a quote. Special quotations will take up to 48 hours. All the correct information from the client needed in order for us to generate the quote is critical as any further changes could result in a drastic change of the initial quotation. Ensure the quote is signed off by Xcallibre’s management The quote must be e-mailed or presented to the client within the agreed timeframes. Once the client agrees on the quotation, you will need to acquire all the supporting documents and hand over to Xcallibre for the project planning. After all the documents are received, the project manager will put together an outline of the project guideline for the client. The client will then have a clear understanding on timeframes for implementation.

8 Present Quote/ Close deal/ Handover Project Man./ After Sales Presentation/Close Deal/ Handover/ After Sales Once a client agrees to the quotation, it is best that you be there to facilitate the signing process to ensure that everything is covered and understood by the client. Should a client not be sure, he may need some convincing, do not be afraid to ask for the business. After the client has signed and you have all the supporting documents eg. Form in PDF, other general issues, it will be handed over to the project manager who will work with a project charter for the client. You also need to develop your relationship with the client to generate more business from him as he could have more uses in other areas of his business. It is about 7 times easier to sell to an existing client, than a new lead. Once you have a successful sale, it is imperative that you get a few referrals, this can also be done early in the sales cycle. ABC of Sales – Always Be Closing

9 Questions? Presented by: Devan Moodley 1 st Floor, SmartXchange Building 5 Walnut Road Durban Tel: 031 304 4177 Fax:031 304 4178

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