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The Selling Process - 3 Stages

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2 The Selling Process - 3 Stages
Source Potential Customers Opening The Sale Building The Sale Closing The Sale Follow Up Sale After Sales Service Prospecting The Sales Presentation

3 Rules of Selling Adopt a Win – Win approach
Know your product – features, benefits & USPs Sell the benefits, not the features Research prospect Know your customers’ needs/wants Listen to the buyer Relate what you are selling to the buyer’s wants and needs Plan your sales and be prepared Have clear and well prepared sales presentations, demonstrations and telephone calls Make sure you know who the decision maker is

4 Sourcing Customers/Prospecting
Internal Sources: Enquiries to advertising Phone/mail enquiries Internet enquiries Customer records Personal Contact: Business contacts Social networks Formal networks Networking Word of mouth Personal observation Cold canvassing Trade shows Conferences Sales seminars Look for the MAN Money Authority Need External Sources: Following leads Referrals/introductions Community contact Other organisations Networks Newspaper Directories 10

5 Contacting Prospects – Planning your Approach
Objective How What to say Resources required Next steps Make an appointment Create an interest Immediate sale Telephone Person to person Letter Visit Set an agenda Opening statement Sales pitch Qualifying questions Answers to objections Reponses to questions Build confidence & rapport Business cards Customer testimonials Brochures Portfolios Diary Writing materials Obtain an appointment Send information Follow up

6 Sales Presentation Structure
Opening the sale Body/building the sale Closing the sale

7 Opening the Sale Make an opening statement
Introduce yourself/your business State the purpose of the presentation quickly (within 15 seconds) Ask qualifying questions

8 Body/Building the Sale
Provide information on you/your business and your product/service Relate to the buyer’s needs/wants Highlight unique selling points (USPs) Focus on the benefits to the customer Follow a logical sequence

9 FAB Features Advantage Focus of sales pitch Benefit
High speed processor Advantage Can compute twice as fast Focus of sales pitch Benefit Provides customer with more productive time

10 Why Objections Occur Disbelief/not convinced Budget/money issues
Satisfaction with a competitive product Previous negative experience Fear of making the wrong decision Misunderstanding

11 Handling Objections Prepare responses in advance
Listen to the objection Check you have understood the objection Answer the objection Advance the sale

12 Buying Signals Requesting a sample Requesting names of other customers
Commenting positively Indicating problems with previous vendors Asking specific questions re: price, features, availability, options Negotiating

13 Closing Methods Assumptive close Alternative choice close
Immediate gain close Fear close Direct request close Summary close Negotiation close Small decision close

14 Follow Up Explain level of service at the time of the sale
Make a courtesy call after the sale Give customer contact numbers etc Stay in touch Use a database Send customers information on offers etc

15 Benefits of Customer Care
Satisfied customers will recommend you to others Encourages repeat sales Dissatisfied customers will complain on average to 10 other people Demonstrates professionalism Poor customer care will damage your image and reduce your profits

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